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Top cosmetic bottle manufacturers 2024


What is a cosmetic bottle?

The cosmetic bottle is a type of container specifically designed to store and dispense various cosmetic products such as lotions, serums, creams, oils, and other liquid or semi-liquid formulations. These cosmetic bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, dispensing mechanisms, labeling and branding, sealing and closure, and materials to accommodate different types of cosmetic products and consumer preferences.

Types of trending cosmetic bottles:

Airless Pump Bottles: Airless pump bottles have been gaining popularity due to their ability to preserve the integrity and efficacy of skincare formulations by minimizing exposure to air and light. They are favored for packaging serums, creams, moisturizers, and other skincare products, offering hygienic and controlled dispensing.

Glass Bottles: Glass bottles continue to be a popular choice for cosmetic packaging in the US, particularly for premium and luxury brands. Glass bottles offer a premium look and feel, as well as excellent product protection against light and air. They are commonly used for packaging high-end skincare products, perfumes, and specialty treatments.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Bottles: made from sustainable raw materials such as PCR, metal, sugarcane, paper, bamboo etc., the finishes and look are similar with the traditional ones.

Top cosmetic bottle manufacturers 2024:

1. Albea Cosmetics America Inc.

Albea Cosmetics America Inc. is based in Brownsville, TX, since 1982. Albea focuses on crafting high-quality custom bottle packaging solutions for the beauty, personal care, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. From tubes and jars to bottles, pouches, compacts, and palettes, its range includes a variety of materials such as HDPE, PP, PE, PT, paper, and metal. Albea also offers secondary applicators like squeezer, brushes, pump dispenser, spray pumps, sponge tip, rollerball, wand,  and droppers for eye makeup, face makeup, lip gloss, concealer, mascara and more to pair with customer's needs.

    2. Lisson

    Lisson is cosmetic bottle manufacturer and supplier in Guangzhou, China, and it has been your trusted partner in wholesale cosmetic bottle packaging solutions since 2013. With over a decade of experience, Lisson operates 10+ factories globally, offering a diverse range of packaging options to meet your needs, covering cosmetic bottles, pouches, tubes, jars and tines.

    Lisson bottles are made from various materials including plastics, PCR plastics, sugarcane, kraft paper, glass, aluminum, and bamboo, ensuring sustainability and versatility in design. Each cosmetic container can be paired with its extensive selection of 500+ applicators, allowing you to elevate your brand packaging and enhance user experience.wholesale cosmetic packaging from different materisl

      3. APG 

      APG is a cosmetic bottle manufacturer based in Ohio, USA, with capacity up to 500 million pieces per year, designed to meet your unique product requirements. With over a decade of expertise, APG offers a wide array of materials, styles, and designs that can be customized to elevate your brand in the marketplace.

      APG cosmetic bottles are innovated to convey your brand identity effectively while ensuring functionality and aesthetics. From dispensing to non-dispensing, airless pump to conventional pump, and trendy to classic designs, APG cosmetic bottle selection caters to various applications in the personal care, health, spa, and salon industries. Discover a spectrum of colors and shapes to complement your product line:

      apg cosmetic packaging

      Glass cosmetic bottle:

      Glass bottles with pump and inner refillable bottle

      Button dropper glass bottles

      Frosted glass bottles with pump and inner refill bottle

      Clear Europe glass bottles

      Luxury silver coating glass bottles with dropper

      Plastic Cosmetic Bottles:

      PP plastic for strength and water resistance

      AS and ACRYLIC for transparency and gloss

      PET for a glass-like texture and chemical resistance

      PCR for sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions

        4. The Cary Company

        The Cary Company is a longstanding leader in the cosmetic bottle packaging sector, with roots dating back to 1895. Over the years, The Cary Company has continuously adapted and expanded its offerings, becoming synonymous with excellence and innovation in the industry. Beyond cosmetic packaging: positioned as a frontrunner, it boasts an extensive selection of containers and packaging solutions, catering to a wide spectrum of industries, including food and beverage, environmental services, beauty, and construction.

        Within the beauty sector, where cosmetic bottle packaging is paramount in conveying brand identity and attracting consumer interest, The Cary Company's expertise shines through. With a comprehensive range of cosmetic bottles, it seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to deliver solutions that excel in both quality and aesthetics.

        Recognizing that cosmetic bottle packaging serves as more than just a vessel for products, The Cary Company understands its role in elevating the consumer experience and reinforcing brand loyalty. By prioritizing consumer insight and market trends, it ensures that each cosmetic bottle not only meets functional requirements but also resonates with target audiences, enhancing brand perception and driving customer satisfaction.

          5. The Cosmetic Bottle

          The Cosmetic Bottle is an esteemed online store based in Bihor, Romania, catering predominantly to European clientele seeking premium containers for personal care, beauty, and aromatherapy products. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, The Cosmetic Bottle meticulously adheres to the highest standards, meticulously following the models and requirements mandated by the European Union.

          Distinguished by its extensive and diverse product range, The Cosmetic Bottle offers an array of reusable and recyclable containers designed to meet the varied needs of its discerning customers. From jars and cream boxes to cosmetic bottles and toner bottles, the store boasts an impressive selection, ensuring a suitable option for every product. Whether customers seek lotions, gels, sticks, roll-ons, or makeup containers such as lipsticks, balms, and powders, they can find it within the store's comprehensive inventory. Moreover, The Cosmetic Bottle provides an assortment of personal hygiene products and various cosmetic utensils, further enhancing its appeal as a one-stop destination for beauty enthusiasts.

          6. Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie

          Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie is the name of LUXURY and premium perfume and cosmetic glass packaging with a rich heritage dating back to 1818. Renowned for its commitment to luxury and craftsmanship, its specialization lies in the creation of luxurious, individually developed perfume flacons crafted from brilliant cosmetics flint glass, featuring an unlimited range of feeder-colored glass packaging options.

          As part of the Stoelzle Glass Group, boasting over 200 years of expertise in high-end glass container manufacturing, Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie is part of a global network comprising seven manufacturing plants, three decoration sites, and numerous sales offices worldwide. Its commitment to excellence extends across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, prestige spirits, food, perfumery, and cosmetics, where Stoelzle Glass Group offers an extensive range of premium glass packaging products. Additionally, its Medical Laboratory division provides laboratory consumables, medical products, and lab glassware, further demonstrating its dedication to providing exceptional primary packaging solutions crafted from sustainable materials.

          7. Glasmeister

          Glasmeister, located in the Netherlands, is known for its impeccable production of the glass cosmetic bottles and its dedication to sustainablity- the company which sets the standards. The spectrum of its capabilities covers our ISO 9001- and ISO 14001- certified cosmetic glass bottles production, aimed at delivering the most authentic brand character and product visibility in the market.

          Glasmeister, the lightweight glass, recycled content, and eco-friendly production matters the most, it is able to serve the customer with the best products which are also friendly to the environment. Its greatest proposal is teamwork, Glasmeister invites you to start with a broad selection including several unique shapes, orders, and colors presented in a way that will fit your brand characteristics.

          Glasmeister believes that its portfolio goes beyond industries, providing cosmetic glass bottles and jars on the global market. Classification: Meaning its inventory covers a wide variety of options which includes dropper bottles, cosmetic jars and bottles, perfume bottles, vitamin jars, wide neck jars and thus items that are tailor-made for international consumer market.

            Glasmeister cosmetic packaging

            8. HCP

            HCP has also emerged as the front-footer for research and innovative development of primary wholesale bottle containers which have been specifically designed and are tailored for the cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and toiletry sectors. By capitalizing on comprehensive worldwide manufacturing networks specifically spanning Asia, North America, and Europe, HCP ensures synergy of manufacturing resources on the global level, thus bringing brands worldwide advanced solutions.

            Honorable for being an innovator in the elite finishing department, HCP is a leading force that is committed to perfection. In-house manufacturing for wholesale cosmetic bottle is carried out, making it possible to implement careful scrutiny measures and achieve superb quality levels and constant-flow throughout the manufacturing process.

            Trending decor and finishes:

            HPC decor and finishes enhance your product to a good looking product and make your brand easily recognizable: holographic effects, colour matching, dimmed tones, iridescent finishing, shimmering metallisation effect, glittering or sprinkling effect, sparkling diamond effect, gold touches, ornament, or 3D effects. Also, as far as its printing capabilities are concerned, the spectrum goes far from simply heat transfer prints to something more complicated, such as UV printing, hot foil, or screen printing, allowing for more detailed, unique, and stand out designs.

            9. ITC

            In Spain, ITC is the leading plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturer, with the three modern production plants equipped with almost 50 injection molding machines as well as with 10 PET blasting machines. Along with a well-established niche in the In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology, ITC distinguishes itself by using this cutting-edge method to adorn both custom-made and off-the-shelf cosmetic bottle packaging.

            The company, ITC, boasts a success story of over twenty years in terms of PET packaging development. The company’s track record and basis which makes it an ideal partner for pioneering and launching new PET cosmetic bottle packaging concepts. Thanks to its facility with in-mold labeling, this process can be implemented without problems during the molding process, and it results in faultlessly and strongly decorative finishes.

              10. uCan

              uCan is a renowned wholesale company based in the Netherlands, the market leader dealing with wholesale of aluminum cosmetic bottles online. uCan is capable of assisting businesses of all sizes, as well as offer products with different Minimum Order Quantity (MOQs), from lower to higher quotas to provide whatever they need.

              From its variety of metal cosmetic containers for skin care products equipped with screw caps, fine mist sprays, pumps and droppers, uCan  has different aluminum cosmetic bottles representing different packaging needs. The metal cosmetic bottles have a myriad of qualities beyond being food safe, free of BPA, and resistant to rust, which is what guarantees the safety and soundness of the cosmetic products.

              uCan-Packaging is proud of its featured categories, which embrace around 300 diverse retail small metal containers and aluminum tins made for cosmetic purposes. Whether you are a startup or a large-scale company, uCan has the ability to serve you in a way that can meet your unique needs and the efficiency and effectiveness.

              Screw-top aluminum cosmetic bottles
              Screw-top aluminum cosmetic bottles
              Spray aluminum cosmetic bottles
              Spray aluminum cosmetic bottles
              Pump aluminum cosmetic bottles
              Pump aluminum cosmetic bottles

              Sourcing for cosmetic bottles that grow your brand and connect with your customers? Check the below trending cosmetic bottles by different materials for your pick in 2024:

              Plastic cosmetic bottles:

                wholesale hdpe cosmetic bottles
                HDPE cosmetic bottle
                 For cream, gel, lotion, custom print, unique water drop shape
                applicator cosmetic bottles
                For hair care, scalp care, glossy finish, metal cover
                rollerball hdpe cosmetic bottle
                4 stainless steel massage rollers for massive skincare, medical grade
                pump cosmetic bottle for wholesale
                Gradient color, bold logo text
                custom applicator squeeze cosmetic bottles
                1,000 custom applicators for your selection
                wholesale dual chamber bottles
                2 compartments store 2 formulates, create dual-shape of your product
                luxury red cosmetic bottles and jar set in
                made from acrylic, create luxury and glass look
                spray pe cosmetic bottles in white
                spray pe cosmetic bottle 
                easy dispensing grows your user experience
                brush cosmetic bottle wholesale
                Plastic foam pump bottle with silicone brush
                Food-grade silicone brush for deep cleaning
                Glass cosmetic bottles

                custom blue and white cosmetic bottle and jar set
                30g/100ml, 50g/120ml, 6+ printing methods
                transparent cosmetic bottle and jar set
                clear glass cosmetic bottle with jar
                Paired with pump for bottle
                best frosted glass cosmetic bottle
                Metal cap and applicator
                airless cosmetic bottles manufacturer
                airless lotion pump bottle
                40ml, 100ml, 120ml available
                amber gllass ccosmetic bottles
                clear amber glass bottle
                custom logo and print
                glass pink&white cosmetic bottles
                fancy gradient glass cosmetic bottle
                custom applicator, caps, attractive look
                Aluminum cosmetic bottles
                controlled and precise dispensing of liquid products
                quick and convenient, even application
                versatile use, hygienic dispensing
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