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New blue ocean crystal d peptide, wechat business breast enhancement

by:Lisson     2020-11-25
Electric business platform also struggling? Analyze the root cause, relying on the product will be a new blue ocean market in recent years, rapid development of electrical business channel cosmetics, entity to suffer severe impact, distributors want to transition into electricity, many small businesses is turning to wechat business, but seemingly scenery infinite electric business platform is difficult! Trust crisis: electricity channel cosmetics into fake hard-hit areas. According to the Chinese cosmetics safety index report, according to data released according to many famous cosmetic supplies, online sales of cosmetics have two become counterfeit products. Proprietary beaching, electric business channels will be electric daqo monopoly garden cafe? At the same time in one of the most notable electric business competition is electricity proprietary beaching, electricity granddaddy ali investment proprietary system construction. As a result, it into the online market, flagship, and specializes in the pattern of the tripartite confrontation. Sustained growth data, consumer demand will open up new market blue ocean. According to the data show that in the number of online consumers in growing in China, the year is expected to reach more than %. Years online cosmetics market stable growth, in the category of map data key monitoring, clean skin can suck gold most, colour makeup most steady development, body care, breast beauty private guard may explode in the next year, bon consumer demand will open up new markets. On the fair in guangzhou, is located in. Confined to the factory crystal d peptide were micro marketers have deep comprehension, a lot of electric business platform and wechat business team came to the booth to know breast enhancement products, even many agents have said they want to use a differentiated product to open the online market. Guangzhou crystal d peptide biological technology co. , LTD. , chief operating officer said, no matter which channel, too complex after-sale will be brand impact resistance. A simple and effective product is the core competitiveness of the electric business platform. Crystal d peptide launch safety 'edible', the product zero to add, do not have any taboo chest care product and obtains the national invention patent, the product patent name: one can make a breast plump firming essence and prevention of breast diseases. It can prevent breast disease, rapid melatonin, tender breasts, through regulating the endocrine system, stimulate the chest development to achieve full again. Products by the Chinese Academy of Sciences more than dozens of authoritative testing, don't add phytoestrogens ( Soybean isoflavones and puerarin) , non-toxic side effects. Just apply membrane and a half hours a day in the home, can achieve the effect of breast enhancement, abundance, prevention of breast diseases. Avoid skin care products market, and will be the perfect combination of experience and product efficacy. Cosmetics industry development trend in the future will be reflected in three aspects: high-end, differentiation and specialization. Consumers will be more willing to part with or use as their investment, the requirement of cosmetics has been enriched and refined, the product features more clear, more targeted, which is why as abundance, personal care and quickly be favorred. Electric business platform there is still a big market, but must rely on product support. Some cosmetics enterprises in China, there are more cosmetics production enterprises, but China's reputation enterprise, product by word of mouth is a handful, differentiation, high quality products will be the key to win. Focus on crystal d peptide, public view for more information. Editor: huang rui
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