Nanning is recycled plastic water bottles

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Nanning city plastic bottles are recycled PET to actually do include many varieties, such as foreign factories down and PET film size, thick piece of material, the length of the roll of film is less than 30 cm, these have different target customers. Auxiliary refers to maintain the mould temperature equipment. Mold temperature to maintain products play an important role. Average body temperature is high, the bottom temperature is low. For cold bottle, due to its at the bottom of the cooling effect determines the degree of molecular orientation, at 5 - temperature control 8 ℃ is preferred; While thermal bottle at the bottom of the temperature is much higher. 4, drawing silvering plated with gold: it is a piece of film, careful observation can find bridging the gap on the bottle. ( 2) For the connection of eia and tradable permits on pollution source object. Suggestions with reference to the list of category of impact evaluation of the construction projects, and make the list of emission permits, clear into tradable permits pollution sources, to do 'list of tradable permits' the complete coverage of pollution source, pollution sources will need to conduct the eia of construction projects in the clear. What is the bottom line. At the same time, more strict constraint behavior, cut administrative examination and approval, du improper intervention market operation. Significantly direct to the market resources allocation, let the market resources according to market rules, market price and market competition, and the implementation effect. Some cities and counties, the PPP project cycle length, high requirement and the professionals at the grass-roots level, there are some difficult. Zhangjiakou is an important water source of Beijing, Beijing, zhangjiakou and surrounding city is expected in the backdrop of the winter Olympics, establish zone spreading across the administrative regions of the pollution mechanism, unified planning, unified, unified monitoring. In addition, the regional renewable water recycle is expected to be further strengthened. From Beijing to zhangjiakou 'after the success of the games, especially air problems as one of the main focus of public concern. Ecological civilization has become a society must be high attention of major strategic issues, is affected by the development. In China put forward the concept of 'green, recycling', on the basis of ecological civilization construction will also be a prominent position, fast to build ecological barrier. The profound and extensive changes across the whole territory, ring, director-general of the department of information as a tree in the 'story' about the ecological civilization, said five years challenge of striving for the construction of ecological civilization have made great progress. 4, blister mold production and time: 3, spraying: compared with the plating color is dark dumb. 1, cylinder temperature. The discretion of the narrow range of molding temperature and temperature of the PET will directly affect the performance of the products. If temperature is too low, the plasticizing is bad, make the plastic parts such as depression, lack of material defects; On the other hand, the temperature is too high, can cause excessive, nozzle salivate, darker color, mechanical strength drop, even cause degradation. Usually, the cylinder temperature control in 240 ~ 280 ℃, the glass fiber reinforced PET cylinder temperature is 250 ~ 290 ℃, shall not exceed 300 ℃, the nozzle temperature generally 10 to 20 ℃ lower than the cylinder temperature. It seems to many people in the industry, for the third party governance silence already a long time, this round of the new groundbreaking undoubtedly. Third party governance accelerating industrial pollution industry chain orientation tuyere third party governance, recognized as 'draught' energy conservation and environmental protection industries. Pollution is a professional, highly technical work, in this case, the pollution of third party arises at the historic moment. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 In 2017, is the key of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' depth node, and environmental protection industry developing extraordinary one year. , let's remember the five major turning point in the environmental protection industry in the past year, with the rapid growth of the industrial chain the scenery alone good, 2017. Inventory of environmental protection industry 2017: five inflection point blow green new kinetic energy industry on time is the labeling of scale. Question is how of junk mountain, there are a few points to hand over to treat, the formation of reasons: one is the 'mountain' we mean first refers to the larger dump sites, the formation of long-term historical reasons. Secondly, the construction waste, this is the important cause of 'garbage mountain'. Now is the peak period of urbanization, the amount of construction waste generated is considerable. Consideration by the general assembly of the articles of association ( Amendment) Since ', embodies the theoretical innovation and practice innovation, system innovation achievements, reflects the success of the construction of these years. Congress will produce a new, comrade in the 19th session of the first plenary session was elected again, fully embodies the common wish of the whole army of all nationalities, fully reflects our vibrant, thriving. According to the 'opinions', whole life cycle of green products is based on the concept, the resource acquisition, production, sales, use and disposal in various phases of product life cycle, such as green products should take into account the energy resources consumption, low emissions, low toxicity, easy recycling and reuse, health and quality higher characteristic. 11, cap in gaskets, equipped with a lid, plug in, very few with small spoon or dropper, which mainly consider its impermeability, and ease of use. 1 equipment rolling is to pass through the expected processing (resin and all kinds of additives Kneading, filter, etc. ) After by two or more calender to instead of the calender roll gap processed into film or sheet, then falls off from the calender roller, after cooling to finalize the design of a forming again. The calender is mainly used in polyvinyl chloride resin molding, can make film, sheet, plate, artificial leather, floor tile and other products.
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