how to make an aeroplane from plastic bottles | ehow

by:Lisson     2020-05-29

Turning the bottle into a plane provides a new toy for your child while teaching him shape and developing his fine motor skills.It also helps to keep our environment clean by re-using plastic that would otherwise be discarded.Once he has mastered the technology, he is encouraged to consider other items made with bottles, such as rocket ships or submarines.Cut off the bottom of a plastic water bottle.This is a good opportunity to decide the size of the plane.If you want to grow a little longer, cut down the bottom part.If you want to cut it a little short, cut 2 or 3 inch at the bottom.Make wings with cardboard.The length from one wing to the other is about 12 inch, so the length of each wing is 5 inch.Cut off the heavy cardboard.Make a slit in the middle of the plastic bottle.Pass the cardboard wing through the gap so that each wing extends evenly.Wrap the masking tape around the bottle to add extra support to the wings.Cut a 5-A rectangular inch long from the cardboard to form the bottom of the tail.Make a crack at the bottom of the bottle and slide the cardboard into it.Wrap masking tape at the bottom to support the wing.Cut another 5-Rectangular inches outside the cardboard.Trim the top 3 inch of the rectangle into a shape similar to the fins.Make a slit about 1 inch from the bottom of the bottle, at the top of the plane.Slide the cardboard into it so that the fins reach out upwards.Pack masking tape to support it.Tape the two caps together.This is the front landing gear.Six caps are glued together with tapeThey will form the rear landing gear.Connect them to the bottom of the plane using masking tape.The thing on the bottle\'s open neck crushed the paper and closed it.Put more crumpled paper at the bottom of the bottle to close it.You have now created the body of this plane.Mix three parts of white glue with one piece of water.Immerse the note in the mixture and then apply the note to the plane.Apply at least two or three layers of paper to the entire aircraft, including the tail, wing, fuselage and landing gear.Dry the floor 24 hours a day and paint the decoration.
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