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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Plastic packaging industry has its own advantages, now packaging market continues to development, it for the whole bottle production manufacturers, is the inner motive power of push forward. For bottles of market, the plastic packaging will be packed into a leading role in the future. With the rapid development of plastic industry and technology innovation, plastic packaging in the packaging industry will have great potential for development. Prevent penetration: volatile effective ingredients or signature ingredient can dissolve in the inside of the packaging materials, osmotic pressure of moving to the other side of the dispersing effect. The volatile into intermolecular dispersion from the vessel wall. From outside of the packaging can be significant to smell taste. Especially the paper package, polyethylene single plastic film packaging, such as significant breathe freely, pervious to light, through the function of the water, not only aromatic components from the wall to escape, and gas ( Such as O2, CO2) Directly through the nutrition of bottles, such as, water vapor into the container, influence the stability of the healthy food. Like lemongrass oil, it usually organic nutrition bottle has a strong dissolution, penetrability is significant, sheng Yu Mingjiao of hard capsule shell through it in less than two weeks. In order to prevent penetrating sight, when choosing the packaging materials should be selected permeability small data for a single package. This aspect of composite membrane containers, glass containers, metal containers, ceramic container effect is better. Shading: vitamin E and other effective ingredients in metamorphosis light shine and oxidation, coating pills, tablets ( Especially citric yellow color clothes) Because of light and dark colours. For this kind of health food packaging, also need to shading in addition to the seal. Health food packaging shading often choose three ways: (1) traditional multi-purpose brown supplements each paper parcel in bottle or bottle; (2) the new data with aluminum alloy membrane, aluminum, paper-plastic composite membrane; (3) increase sunscreen in nutrition the bottle, such as titanium dioxide. Prevent leakage: volatile or volatile components of healthy foods, solid or liquid content not to have, or packaging materials, such as data on the pinhole, cracks or between the cap and nutrition bottle. PET materials commonly used plastic bottles, have qualitative light, intensity is high, not easy damaged, sealed performance is good, moistureproof, health, in line with the advantages of the specific requirements of the packaging, without cleaning, drying temperature can be directly used in packaging, it is a good packaging container, it is widely used in oral solid ( Such as tablet, capsule, granule, etc. ) And oral liquid ( Such as syrups, tincture agent, etc. ) Packaging, compared with other plastic hollow container plastic has many special places. Plastic bottles are made on the basis of the principle of the blow molding processing of plastic bottles, to secure in the period of validity of be affected with damp be affected with damp, metamorphism, plastic has good sealing and resistance, permeability, can prevent light, heat, water vapor and oxygen on the influence of. Plastic bottle production and processing enterprises of plastic bottles, including alcohol, iodine volts, Ming iodine and other bottles of liquid.
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