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Study on packaging color design of cosmetics in female consumer psychology


Cosmetics tube packaging is not only a container for carrying goods, but also a means of stimulating and guiding consumption. The current design of cosmetics tube packaging not only needs to play its physical function, that is, to protect the goods, but also needs to play its psychological function, that is, to attract the attention of consumers. Moreover, it needs to develop to the aesthetic level and delight consumers. As far as the current cosmetics market is concerned, its main consumer groups are women. Therefore, it is of great significance to fully understand the psychological characteristics of female consumers and design cosmetics tube packaging according to their consumer psychology for increasing the sales volume of products.

First, the main psychological characteristics of female consumers

1, for the beauty of the psychological prominent. The love of beauty is universal, and this is particularly strong in female consumers. In the purchase process, women to beautify life, decorative strong, unique shape, fashionable style of products. In the memory process of women, there is a stronger emotional memory. Therefore, the appreciation of value, the United States of the product often can form a strong stimulus to them, so that they can not help but produce excitement, affect their shopping mood, and then produce some purchase or possession of desire, so as to lay the foundation for the realization of the purchase behavior.

2, exquisite cognition, decision-making with a strong emotional. Female consumers have rich and delicate emotions. When they meet the goods they are interested in, they are easy to have the desire to buy, and they are also easy to be influenced by the surrounding environment, so as to form a purchase decision quickly. When making purchasing decisions, women are easily seduced by visual impressions and the appearance of products. Beautiful products, cosmetics tube packaging, bright window display, good shopping environment and so on can arouse the positive emotions of female consumers and generate the desire to buy.

3. Strong self-awareness and rich associations. Female consumers often compare themselves with commodities and associate the consumption effect of commodities in purchasing decisions. Female consumers often report the impact of commodities on their self-image through peer evaluation and comparison on media. For the goods they are satisfied with, they have a strong desire to recommend, while for the goods they are not satisfied with, the transmission effect is more prominent.

4. The psychology of showing off is strong. Showing off psychology is a kind of psychological state of shopping to show some superhuman place, which is a specific manifestation of beauty psychology and fashion psychology. Modern women, especially young and middle-aged women with higher family income, like to keep up with the Joneses in life, always hoping to live better, more comfortable and richer than their colleagues and relatives. They in consumption activities, in addition to meet their basic life consumption demand or make themselves more beautiful, more fashionable, may also be the pursuit of high-grade, high quality, high price of brand-name products or in appearance with a bizarre, piece, elegance, such as different characteristics of products, to show its superior status, economic rich and elegant taste, etc.


II. Custom design cosmetics tube packaging color according to female consumer psychology

Cosmetics market is a consumer market full of great potential, who can stand out in many brand competition, who will have unlimited business opportunities and profits. Tube packaging is the first gateway to female consumer attention, and color is the key to this gateway. Therefore, in the packaging design of cosmetics tube, the associative characteristics of color should be fully utilized to arouse the good imagination of female consumers.

1, to be good at using color to bring women experience of beauty, to meet the heart of beauty. People all have the heart of beauty, especially female consumers, whose heart of beauty is more prominent. The color design of cosmetics should be based on the different color preferences of consumers of different ages to fully satisfy their love of beauty. In the light of young women's cosmetics, tonal should be given priority to with fresh, lively, in order to fully reflect the vitality of the young and health. For example, Aloe Vera Moisturizer, its emerald green cosmetics tube packaging is fresh and natural, full of life and vitality, easy to be loved by young girls. Aim at the product of middle and old age consumer, its tonal should sedate, decorous a few. They have higher requirements for product quality and pay more attention to brand consumption. Such as SK-Ⅱ's various essence products, with red as the main color, not only reflects the traditional atmosphere, and gives a person a noble feeling, but also full of vitality, so that many women believe that this product in nourishing the skin, keep the skin young state performance outstanding.


2. Choose colors according to the positioning of the product sales class to satisfy women's sense of superiority and vanity. Different brands of cosmetics their positioning groups are different, product price difference is also great. Cosmetics suitable for mass consumption can be packaged in the same cosmetics tube with rich colors to meet the needs of consumers of different ages. For example, the cosmetics tube package of Dabao series products has a clever combination of pink, green, blue, purple, black, gold and other colors, with simple lines but rich colors. The consumers of high-end cosmetics are mainly women with good economic conditions. Relatively speaking, they have a strong sense of superiority and vanity. Therefore, color should be used to show the nobility and value for money of their products to meet the psychological needs of this group. If Amore jade embellish series products, do decoration with golden color. In the concept of the person, aureate has a kind of supreme meaning. Choose the high-grade quality that aureate can show a product adequately and exalted position. Enoz crystal horniness series products use purple cosmetics tube packaging bottle, elegant, noble feeling naturally distributed, let the owner obtain greater psychological satisfaction.

3. Pay attention to the color design of cosmetics tube packaging, highlighting the personality and value of women. Moisturizers, whitening creams, foundation and sun protection products only meet the basic skin care needs of women consumers, in order to highlight their personality, makeup is essential. Different color makeup can give a person different psychological feeling, ok and clear already lovely, pure and fresh elegance, ok and fashionable sex appeal, wisdom and understanding. Therefore, the color design of Cosmetics Tube packaging is not only to give female consumers a sense of beauty, but also to bring them rich associations of personality and value.

The cosmetics tube package is just the outer garment of the cosmetics, and although the outer garment is designed to appeal to the female consumer, the most important thing is the quality of the cosmetics. Therefore, remind those cosmetics manufacturers must be smart in order to be able to stand firm in the competitive cosmetics industry!

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