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Trends in plastic cosmetic bottles for cosmetic packaging


Common cosmetics, detergent packaging containers, most of the high density polyethylene HDPE. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, plastic cosmetics bottles are increasingly rich in the selection of materials. Because the transparent container can let the consumer clearly see the content, so the consumer's request for the transparent container is more and more wide, and the transparent polypropylene CPPZT_ is the main material to meet this requirement, the development of PP transparent packaging cosmetics bottle is a hot spot of plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. Compared with other clear plastic resins, CPP is a new product with high quality and competitive advantage at low price. Highly transparent polypropylene containers, with good transparency and gloss, strong appreciation, quite popular. For example, the herbaceous series of Clairol is used in this container. Through the transparent cosmetic bottle wall and hair shampoo, you can see the green grass image sticking on the back wall, which is pleasing to the eye.


Transparent PET plastic cosmetic bottles have also become today's daily chemicals and cosmetics manufacturers competing for the use of packaging containers. For example, some enterprises and brands such as Naez, Blue Moon, Kemi and Watsons have taken the lead in using PET packaging containers for their shower lotions, skin care products and washing products. PET cosmetics bottles have the following characteristics:

1. Wide capacity range, high strength, high transparency plastic cosmetic bottles produced by stretch and blow molding process, commonly used capacity range can range from dozens of milliliters to 2 liters of cosmetic bottles;

2. Good transparency and gloss, good plasticity, impact resistance and dimensional stability, stable chemical properties, good gas resistance; 3PET cosmetics bottle soft touch.

The application of in-mold labeling technology has been applied abroad for quite a long time, and the production and application of in-mold label and in-mold labeling machine have been very mature. In-mold labeling is a kind of whole-core label packaging form different from the traditional label packaging. Traditional label packaging forms mainly include heat-shrinkable label packaging, self-adhesive label packaging and direct screen printing label packaging. Compared with traditional label packaging forms, in-mold labeling has advantages.

1, play a role in anti-counterfeiting,

2, improve the product grade, label color more bright, smooth feel,

3, simplify the production process, greatly improve the production efficiency,

4. In-mold labeling products have strong practicability, low loss, no distortion, damage, and waterproof, oil proof, acid and alkali resistance, friction resistance. Labeling products can be recycled at the same time, simplifying the regeneration process, and taking into account environmental protection. At present, more and more domestic cosmetic and detergent manufacturers choose in-mold labeled plastic cosmetic bottles

For example, Wuhan Sibao Co., Ltd., Meiyu Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Blue Moon Co., Ltd., etc., is one of the earliest daily chemical enterprises to use in-mold labeling. At present, Sibao Co., Ltd. all use in-mold labeling plastic containers. In-mold labeling technology will be more and more widely used in cosmetics, detergent, daily chemicals and other industries, more and more favored by consumers.


Some cosmetics are packaged in the form of spray packaging. The packaging of cosmetics is paying more and more attention to the structure design and accessory design of the container, so that consumers are easy to hold and access in a variety of environments. For example, hair mousse, perfume and other cosmetics, often in the form of spray packaging, to facilitate quantitative access. The use cycle of products such as bottles of cosmetics and washing products is generally long. In the process of repeated use, bacteria breeding will affect the health of users. The purpose of developing anti-bacterial plastic cosmetic bottle is to inhibit the production of bacteria on the surface of the container. After development, we evenly dispersed the inorganic metal antibacterial agent in the raw materials of blown cosmetic bottles.

After improving blow molding technology, the antimicrobial plastic container produced has the characteristics of long antibacterial time, good antibacterial effect and good antibacterial spectrum. After testing, the antibacterial rate of the product is more than 99%, the product is very popular in the market, can be widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, detergent and medicine.

The packaging of cosmetics detergent needs to be both protective, functional and decorative, the trinity is the future direction of packaging development. With the improvement of people's living standard, consumers' requirements for product packaging are also increasing day by day. The market competition of cosmetics and detergent products is not only the competition of the internal quality of products, but also the importance of product packaging, which sometimes plays a key role in the sales of products. At present, the focus of the development of plastic packaging containers for cosmetics and washing products is to research and choose new materials, new processing technology, the pursuit of new shape and humanized design, so as to highlight the novelty and elegance of the goods and improve the competitiveness of the products. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, a number of new flexible packaging anti-counterfeiting products with high science and technology content and strong usability have come out one after another, and have been the favor of many users. According to the information released by the relevant departments and instrumental music in recent years, these products mainly include: drip display type security label The product color is gray, when the water dauber, display pattern; After cleaning the water for 3O ~ 5O seconds, the ink returned to gray and the pattern disappeared. This technology has the convenience of identification. The advantages of multiple repeated tests. Can be produced into the form of self-adhesive, plastic film label. The anti-counterfeiting effect is remarkable. Regularly exposed holographic anti-counterfeiting signs. The marked mark can display text and text regularly after the mark is uncovered. Retaining layer shows aluminum film Yang Yu, peel off the layer shows hollow Yin word, Yin and Yang relative. The content is the same, the size is the same, the resolution of the exposed text and text can be up to 200dpi. It has the advantages of convenient identification and difficult counterfeiting, and is very suitable for sealing type anti-counterfeiting marks. In addition. This type of sign is the carrier with the largest information capacity per unit area and can show four kinds of text and text information which do not interfere with each other. The first layer, the surface of the printing text (anti-counterfeiting ink printing); The holographic image of the second aluminum film layer; The third layer, the text and text of the disclosure layer; The fourth layer, the bottom of the printed text.

Holographic hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label This is the laser holographic image produced on the electrochemical film, through heating pressure to Fi]N substrate, in order to obtain the unshakable hot stamping type holographic anti-counterfeiting label. This kind of logo can be made into general version + security printing, both security and beautiful. PVO anti-counterfeiting labels use PET or PVC surface material of self-adhesive paper, increase the label adhesive, especially suitable for a wider range of substrates such as plastic. Adopts shading safety design and transparent holographic film, which can be recognized by naked eyes. It can be closely combined with anti-uncover technology to achieve the dual effect of anti-fake and anti-uncover.

Partly hollowed out holographic anti-counterfeit signs adopt the method of corrosion resistance die printing on the concave surface of the aluminum plate of the molded film. After etching, the aluminum on the aluminized film can be hollowed out regularly, and the precision of hollowing out can reach more than 175dpi. The advantage of this method lies in the use of etching technology and precision to improve the anti-counterfeit strength of the mark. Laser Rainbow Film The color of laser rainbow film is made of light interference. It can be divided into red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colors depending on the Angle of observation. It can be compounded with different colors of paper and plastic, etc. After compound, it can also be tied, bronzed and printed, and the decorative pattern is created on the surface of the rainbow membrane, so as to make it more colorful. Laser rainbow film is very difficult to imitate, the image is clear, brilliant color. There are different kinds of PET, PVC, BOPP as the base material, suitable for making flexible packaging bags.

The key technology of special BOPET salt packaging anti-counterfeiting film is to add several nanoscale special additives in the production of raw materials, and then through the step-by-step bidirectional stretching process to prepare BOPET film. In the anti-counterfeiting identification, as long as the detector according to the five-color packaging film will emit bright light, can play a good role in the anti-counterfeiting of iodinated food. This product has good barrier, strong UV resistance, easy to identify anti-counterfeiting properties and can effectively reduce the loss of iodine. The BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeiting shrinkable film integrates multi-layer co-extruding B0PP film making technology and wide-width laser holographic plate-making and molding technology, and achieves the purpose of anti-counterfeiting by making non-destructive anti-counterfeiting marks which are easy to be recognized by consumers on the BOPP film. The film has a high shrinkage characteristics to enhance the beauty of cigarette packet appearance; The holographic layer endow the smoke film with better antistatic, anti-adhesion and machine adaptation. The film also has the properties of ink erosion resistance, water vapor and carbon dioxide barrier, which can maintain the inherent aroma of the packaged material and extend the preservation period of the packaged material. The use of the film can be exempted from other anti-counterfeiting means that are not easy for consumers to identify, greatly saving anti-counterfeiting costs, recycling and reuse, with green and environmental protection. The common point of this kind of products is that the printed images covered by the film can be observed through the holographic film without affecting the appearance of the holographic images. Perspective-type holographic films have three varieties due to different production processes: one is the metal dot type, which relies on the metal dot to store holographic images, through the transparent screen wall perspective covering pictures and texts; The second is the evaporation of oxide, that is, the transparent resin film bearing the molded hologram is continuously evaporated on the relief surface with a high refractive index of oxide protection layer to ensure that the hologram is not lost; The third is the category of evaporation plating, which usually involves continuous evaporation of a layer of semi-permeable and semi-reflective aluminum film on a transparent resin film so as to take into account the diffraction efficiency of the molded hologram and the transmission rate of the covered text and text. The film is mainly used for certificate card film, plastic packaging and printing film.

OPP tobacco packaging anti-counterfeiting film new OPP is composed of three layers of film, the bottom of the advanced steam fumigation process, so that it is silver, the surface luster is bright; The intermediate layer provides the base surface for printing. After being processed by special technology, it can provide a reliable guarantee for printing directly on OPP film. The top layer is the printing surface, which can print 16 colors directly. The new type of OPP membrane has the advantages of sealing, moisturizing, good freshness keeping, strong anti-counterfeiting and harmless. Because the new film uses the synthesis technology and the special printing technology has the very high science and technology content, the counterfeit production is almost impossible so as to provide the reliable guarantee for the product anti-counterfeiting.

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