diy vintage inspired gift box

by:Lisson     2020-05-28
I\'m addicted to card making these days.
I play cards most of the time.
But these gift boxes are really great and I was really excited to share the tutorials.
It doesn\'t take too much time or too much cost to make a look great.
Follow this and find out how to make amazing vintage style gift boxes in a few simple steps.
There is no boring gift box anymore!
To make these vintage style gift boxes, you need: the last 3 materials are used to decorate the box, you can use any material of your choice, but remember the retro theme.
Place the template on the card sheet and trace it along the side with a pencil.
Use a pencil and ruler to mark the folding line as shown in 2nd pictures of this step.
Cut the card paper according to the template.
Use scissors or x-
The Acto knife cuts half the wire along the fold of the box.
Fold the cut-out card paper along the semi-cut folding line.
Apply glue on 4 small pieces of all 4 sides of the crop frame template and connect it to the parts next to it.
Again, stick the other side together with glue and finish the box.
Let the glue dry.
You can simply fold the lid and close the box.
It\'s up to you to decorate the box, but this is how I decorate the mine.
Cut a long ribbon from the linen.
The straps should be long enough to cover the side of the box.
Apply the glue to the side of the box and wrap the linen strips around the glue and wrap around the box.
Trim the extra neatly if needed.
Prepare items to decorate the top of the box.
I made a roll up card and took some lines out of the linen, stones, small leaves and flash.
Select a pattern and arrange the item.
Start bonding items well one by one.
Let the glue dry!
You can decorate the box with different materials and come up with a variety of patterns. Enjoy!
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