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Make a beautiful cosmetic tube design


Cosmetic tubes manufacturers want to make exquisite cosmetic tubes. Designers understand the elements of cosmetic tube design, master various craftsmanships, and seek the best balance between each element. In addition to visual design, cosmetic tube manufacturers must also understand the structure of cosmetic tubes, deal with the details to make accurate knife layouts, structural drawings, as well as various printing knowledge, and various printing processes.


1. Core elements of cosmetic tube

Functional design: to realize commodity value and use value, and is a means to increase commodity value.

Material considerations: Cosmetic tubes of different materials can bring different sensory effects to the product.

Emotional experience: There are different tactile sensations and experiences in all kinds of cosmetic tubes. From the structure you see, to touching the material, to the process of dismantling and revealing the product, you will have different feelings.

Some cosmetic tubes need to have detailed text and graphics to display all the information, and consumers can increase their trust in the product through the information.

Cosmetic tube appearance design: a cosmetic tube that attracts customers' eyes, and better reflects the presence of the product.

Secondary application of cosmetic tube: The designer of cosmetic tube should think about and examine the world of cosmetic tube, so that the design of cosmetic tube can be more sustainable and inject new possibilities.


2. Unfolding structure of cosmetic tube

After the cosmetic tube manufacturer has made the exquisite cosmetic tube, the cosmetic tube manufacturer has to make the flat unfolded view of the cosmetic tube (the knife model of the cosmetic tube) into a three-dimensional rendering, which is vivid and realistic to show the work. This will help you convince customers better and faster.

In the era of a dazzling variety of products, there are many different styles of cosmetic tubes. Cosmetic tube design is not only a design art, it is also a means of sales. The cosmetic tube of a commodity is the beginning of consumers' contact with the commodity, and most consumers get to know and understand the commodity through the cosmetic tube.

Today, when the products are extremely rich, consumers pay attention to each product for a very short time. Cosmetic tube manufacturers must grasp the moment the consumer's eyes are swept across the shelf to effectively attract consumers' eyes. Cosmetic tubes often use visual elements such as shapes, colors, graphics, text, and materials to highlight the cultural connotation and information of products and brands. So how to apply these elements?

Consumers generally have a general demand before entering the store, that is, what kind of goods they need, and most consumers may not know what kind of goods they are. So how do consumers choose among similar products in front of the full, rows of shelves? How can we attract consumers' attention?

When a person observes an object, the first thing that catches the eye is the surface color of the object. From the perspective of vision, colors are far more attractive than black. Bright colors can arouse high excitement of the visual organs and attract people's attention, thereby enhancing the recognition of cosmetic tubes.

The color of cosmetic tube is bright:

Bright color means that the color has a bright and strong visual impact. Such colors are often contrasting colors. Although they produce obvious differences, they do not lose coordination. They have clear and definite emotional colors. They can quickly and accurately convey information to consumers without thinking. For example: red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, red-violet and other colors give people a feeling of warmth and vitality; while blue, blue-violet, and blue-green produce a feeling of cold.

Color contrast is achieved mainly through the brightness, coldness, and area of the color; distance and density; the dynamic and static of the form. You should try more different styles of color matching to create a bright color in the end.

The color of the cosmetic tube brand is clear:

The color of the brand on cosmetic tubes occupies a major position. The visual image of the brand is clear and clear. Consumers often have a sense of identity with familiar things, and they are willing to buy familiar products. The color of the brand is the leading factor, and the color of the product's personality is used as the supplement, so that consumers can recognize the brand at a glance. In addition, the repeated bombardment of consumers with this brand color can further deepen consumers' awareness of the brand.

In addition to bringing human visual perception, color can also cause psychological reactions of taste and smell. This is the synesthesia of cosmetic tube colors. For example: bright yellow, yellow-orange will give consumers a sweet taste; lemon yellow, yellow-green, and turquoise will give consumers a sour taste; big red will have a spicy taste, etc. The best colors that give people a sense of fragrance and smell are bright yellow-green, medium-bright yellow and light yellow.


Interesting graphics for cosmetic tubes

After making the product attractive to consumers through the color of the cosmetic tube in the front, the next step is to further guide the consumer's interest, which requires the cosmetic tube manufacturer to study the graphic design of the cosmetic tube. Graphics is another visual language that does not require any language annotations after color. It can directly convey information to consumers.


The image of the goods conveyed by the graphics is clear. People are accustomed to perceiving and memorizing things with specific images. The specific images bring strong visual impact and leave deep memory traces for consumers. Photography is the most direct and effective means of transmitting product information.

The graphics are tasteful and enhance the value of the product. After meeting material needs, people begin to pursue spiritual needs. At this time, cosmetic tube manufacturers need artistic graphics such as painting and calligraphy to bring people artistic beauty, cultivate sentiment, and show the taste of art of the audience.


The graphics are novel and show the personality of the product. The peculiar graphics always induce consumers to explore its special features and deepen the impression in the process of exploration. The graphics that can meet this requirement are illustrations. Illustrations can show real or unknowable surreal illusions. By exaggerating the characteristics of certain things or some exaggerated expressions, they can bring interest and humor to consumers.

People are always eager to try new and novel cosmetic tubes with peculiar shapes and special materials. To achieve this goal, not only the bold imagination of the cosmetic tube designer, but also the familiarity with the materials and craftsmanship of the cosmetic tube are required. Designers must have the psychology of exploration, boldly try new materials, mixed materials, and environmentally friendly materials, and get rid of the traditional three-dimensional space relationship to start design boldly.


The visual design of the cosmetic tube model is the most emotionally expressive element, and its visual elements are visible, tangible, and perceptible visual forms. The cosmetic tube designer transforms the nihilistic language and the empty form into a certain The functional visual form intuitively stimulates the senses of consumers and produces interesting designs.

First of all, the cosmetic tube shape is interesting, and the cosmetic tube supplier carries out personalized design to make the product unexpectedly more attractive.

Secondly, the cosmetic tube shape is humorous. The humorous design brings a relaxed and pleasant experience to consumers. The production of humor usually includes two levels: one is funny, with comic conflict; the other is wise, which implies a certain kind of fun in the design. You can only feel the fun after you get in touch.

There are multiple links required from product design to development and production. Therefore, cosmetic tube suppliers involve more design, technology and other elements in the cosmetic tube styling. The cosmetic tube has four basic shapes: simplified, square, sphere, and cone. Under the premise of satisfying the main functions of the cosmetic tube, the designer performs cutting, hollowing, concave-convex, Variations and changes in the basic shape and structure of accessories in five aspects. Cosmetic tube suppliers increase the fun of cosmetic tubes. There should not be too many changes in the design, mainly one or two. Excellent cosmetic tube design, always ahead of the times, has become the vane of fashion.

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