To influence factors of cosmetic plastic products fade

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
On the market you can see the color of the various cosmetics bottles, do you know the manufacturer how difficult it is to overcome the challenge of cosmetic plastic bottle fade? In the production of cosmetics bottles will often meet products fade, there are many factors that can affect the cosmetic plastic bottle products fade, plastic belt color fading and pigments, light fastness of dye, the oxygen resistance, heat resistance, acid-proof alkaline, and the properties of resin used. In the production of color masterbatch on the required pigments, dyes, surfactants, dispersants, the performance of carrier resin and anti aging agent can choose after comprehensive evaluation, the following is a general factor influencing the production of cosmetic plastic bottle color. A. Acid-proof alkaline: color plastic products fade and chemical character of the colorant ( Acid and alkali, resistance to oxidation reducing) The relevant. Such as chromium molybdenum red resistance to dilute acid, but sensitive to alkali, cadmium yellow don't acid, these two pigments and phenolic resin for some colorants have strong reducing effect, the serious influence of colorant heat resistance, weather resistance and fade. 2. Heat resistance, thermal stability refers to the processing temperature of the paint pigment under heat, color change, the degree of fade. Inorganic pigment ingredients for metal oxides and salts, good thermal stability, high heat resistance. While organic compound paint under a certain temperature will occur the change of the molecular structure and a small amount of decomposition. Actually we need in the production process, if it is need high temperature heating plastic products, you need to choose more heat resistant properties of pigment, to ensure that the color change color, fade, ensure the overall appearance of the product. 3. Oxidation resistance: some organic pigments in the degradation of macromolecules in the aftermath of the oxidation or other changes, and gradually fade, the process is a process of high temperature oxidation, the second is in strong oxidizer ( Such as chromium Huang Zhong chromic acid group) The oxidation. Lake, after using azo pigment mixed with chrome yellow, red will gradually subside. Four. Light resistance, light fastness of the colorant directly affect the products fade, the glare of outdoor products, light (of the colorant used Fast) Level requirement is an important index, light level is poor, products in use will soon fade. So that is why the anti-glare board, such as highway water horse, etc. , in a few years later after the sun exposure will become light in color but generally in blow molding, will join quantitative resistance to UV components, to ensure the durability of the product color retention time.
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