Three shashi essence oil bottle printing video

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Three shashi essence oil bottle printing video have pressure should be the requirements of stress and pressure at the same time. Stress is to prevent the PET bottle filling beverage bottle and agent ( Alkaline) Produced in the degradation of molecular chain and crack and leakage of internal control; Pressure is to prevent the bottle after filling the certain pressure gas blowout of the control. Needs for both, center thickness to control within a certain range, the general situation is the center of thin, stress, low pressure; Center thickness, pressure, less stress. Of course, the results of the stress and the accumulation of transition zone around the center of the material has a lot to do, depending on the actual. Industrial pollution market open will provide broad space for development, to have done with the new governance of promotion, we have reason to believe that in the next decade will be in the field of industrial pollution, repeatedly epitaxy expand to the field of industrial pollution is also visible. ( The author unit: jiangsu ( Yixing) Environmental protection industrial technology research institute) The original title: industrial pollution market downturn is coming, how environmental protection enterprise in the next decade the competition ( ) 。 一) Design, electricity output, proofing, press computation of P; Demands in shanxi city proper within the scope of thermal power, steel, coking, chemical industry and so on in the existing emergency measures to reduce emissions of heavy pollution industry, on the basis of further production load, cannot achieve standard emission of industrial production enterprise shall be within the city proper is not responsible for heating below 20 ZhengDun and coal-fired industrial boilers, tea bath furnace will be disabled. Some local committee was alert, strengthen the implementation of environmental responsibility; Push to solve a large number of problems; Promote local to establish the long-term mechanism of environmental protection. However, every time after the completion of the environmental supervision, when reporting issues, serious accountability, industry in addition to rejoice more concerns. It is reported, many industry experts worry that environmental supervision is just 'movement type' check, difficult to form real pressure on local, for a limited impact. Length measurement: length of straw ( From the gasket to the hose end or FBOG length) 。 The leakage length. And start measuring length (under the big Is exactly equal to the length of the shoulder to the bottom of the bottle bottle) 。 First of all, the brand in the enterprise value chain. Smile curve theory will be produced at the bottom of the curve, and research and development and brand, is high on both sides of the high value-added. Brands such as the higher value-added, smile coefficient is higher. The economic power of an enterprise, not only depends on the amount and scale, more depends on the value of the brand. 4, heat transfer, heat transfer used for high volume, more complex products. Belong to attach a layer of film in the surface. The price is too expensive. 13, note: four common problems, plastic public PPP projects because of its environmental protection strong, complexity, strong, strong technical characteristics, should strengthen the PPP project in advance, the supply and efficiency of the PPP project. Everbright thinks, the constant improvement of the top-level design, can alleviate the worries of social capital, bold investment, encourage social capital investment will be good. It is understood that in order to promote the construction and operation of the carbon market, China will accelerate the establishment of carbon emissions trading system, including the carbon emissions trading regulations and the relevant implementing rules, establishing carbon emissions trading market and local two-level system, construction of carbon emissions trading registration and disaster preparedness, to establish a long-term, registration mechanism, etc. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 In recent years, the environmental protection industry support, and the introduction of modern information technology, the environmental protection industry to wisdom. Wisdom green is the inevitable result of the environmental information, the development of highly intelligent environmental protection in China. In 2013, the ministry issued the wisdom green pilot spot, cloud computing, big data as a green core technology wisdom, wisdom usher in rapid development of environmental protection. 4, 6 color process, injection color: is the toner is added in the raw materials in the injection molding products. Process is relatively cheap. Can also add a pearl powder, also can add too make PET color color ( Number of toner to add color) 。 The production of water ripple is related to the adding amount of pearl powder. 10, such as holding bags, gift bags and high customer to printing requirement, want to use the version for effect.
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