The history of cosmetics hoses

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
Is applied in our daily life, everyone is seen in the hose. A variety of hose has its features, like plastic hose is light in weight, corrosion resistance, simple installation is convenient wait for a characteristic. Plastic hose nor too in use process will appear the phenomenon of damage, commonly used water transport. Medical hose more professional, more health, not only has the good properties, its working environment requirement, medicine hose manufacturer generally used in medical equipment, hose market in China is large, but because of foreign merchants pours into the Chinese market, Chinese enterprises face enormous pressure. So in recent years, the plastic hose developed very quickly, many enterprises apply for metal pipe material, plastic hose because price is preferential, also won't have much effect in the practical application of the gap. Over the past decade, in addition to plastic hose, other materials of pipe combined for less than 2% growth, but only the plastic hose growth rate reached 7%. After years of development, its growth rate steady at around 4%, but the rapid growth of output or at an annual rate of 7%, plastic hose manufacturer from the point of view of such data will know how much its development potential. Starting in the seventy s has been the emergence of the plastic hose, engineering construction in the eighty s there was a wide range of applications. In the last twenty years, the plastic hose industry in our country has made great development, in the product specifications, product performance, product quality, has achieved great development. Especially the rich life now, a lot of beautiful ladies to join, cosmetics to increase demand, rapid promotes the r&d and production of cosmetics hoses, hose cosmetics now a lot of breakthroughs in affordable and practical. The popularity of cosmetics hoses for ms they brought huge benefits.
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