Plastic bottles exactly have sense!

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
When we walk on the road sometimes see others discarded plastic bottles, then how should we, picked it up and threw it into trash cans or, plastic packaging bottles of whether there is the meaning of existence, then we look at these cases! According to relevant data statistics, the world nearly 2 in a year. 600 million tons of plastic blister products used, and there are nearly 1. 700 million tons of belongs to a one-time use. Plastic products to every corner of life, people have to this kind of light and convenient material is very fascinating, even at the top of the bare poplar in winter in Beijing, also can see a red plastic bags like a balloon flies. Someone, if will set all the plastic waste in the world, enough to land in China, and 'or package once a year. The vast majority of blister products such as all kinds of plastic waste can be degraded or recycling, they will, together with other waste, the depths of the heap in landfill, or burned in situ and let the toxic gases and release. Some abandoned blister products such as plastic even can't into the garbage dump, was with throw at the beach or sewers. Junk you push me removing access to the sea, eventually because of ocean current role together, form a giant dump in the ocean. People always is hard to believe that the litter personal habits may affect the whole nature. In 1997, an oceanographer Charles Moore in sailing across the north Pacific circulation system first yi found offshore sites, which gather a lot by the sun and the sea is decomposed into pieces of plastic bottle caps, plastic bag, lighter, and have been unable to discern what plastic garbage. A U. S. Marine researchers stressed: 'in the concept of average person, too much rubbish is the concept of basic pile into a can climb up the hill. But in the Pacific Ocean litter is more like a large bowl of soup. 'Moore believes that in the north Pacific is likely to have the amount of waste is beyond the human imagination, close to 100 million tons. Because of difficult to degrade, even fifty years ago plastic blister products toys may be retained to this day, to become 'antique' junk. But Mr Beth mayer - — Another floater research authority -- — Have been tracking the ocean accumulated plastic blister products for more than 15 years. In his view, the movement of 'junk' soup 'beast' is like a runaway, the ferocious monster wander, when it is close to the land, will be massively to the beach 'vomit'. Colorful plastic pieces have been washed up on the beach; Albatross island black mistakenly lego toys as food, the digestive system is blocked, eventually unfortunately starve to death; A seal was caught on the blue plastic net body, unable to return to the sea; A brown turtle slowly eating a piece of thin plastic bags. An environmental group has published reports, they found that at least 267 species of Marine life by eating garbage in the ocean or is entangled in the garbage. According to the data of the UN environment programme, plastic debris will lead to more than 100 each year more than ten thousand seabirds and 100000 Marine mammals die. This time, human beings cannot politely to Marine life after my sympathy is high hung. Even eliminate the effects of plastic products to the greenhouse effect plastic toxicity will also through the food chain up layer upon layer, and finally be on the table of the human race. As early as a few years ago, a British media will plastic rated as 'the worst human invention. So, it's time to abandon plastic? The Austrian environmental consultant company does not give the answer for sure. If a world without plastic, farmers and retailers will be packed in wood, clay, or cardboard to their items, this will increase the total package 3. 6 times, twice as much energy in production cost in the past, will also produce higher than in the past 2. Seven times of greenhouse gases. The deterioration rate is only three percent in developed countries food were harvested from the farm to table of this process, in some developing countries would be up to nearly fifty percent. A major factor in the production of this reason is because the plastic box, plastic film, blister products in some developing countries is not widely used. Plastic blister products packaging than the clumsy, ancient pottery packing way, appear very natural and deft, greatly reducing the fuel for transportation.
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