Pingliang city cosmetics packaging printing

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Pingliang city how cosmetics packaging printing, such as to do less, and it can't print or the economic order quantity, can be directly through the effect of color paper framed box, in order to cost. From existing discharge fees, and green taxes applicable tax rate overall is low, and the cost of the pollution treatment is still a certain gap. In the power industry, for example, SO2 and NOx industry average unit cost of 4 respectively. 460000 yuan/ton and 2. 350000 yuan/ton [ 1] , converted into equivalent pollution is about 0. 47 and $0. 25 yuan. 3, plastic printing surface, can be the site of consumer attention. Printing surface should be smooth, continuous, if plastic bottles containing handle, grooves, the reinforced structure, such as design should pay attention to when printing operation inconvenience. Oval plastic bottles, rigidity is high, but the mould manufacturing cost is higher. So to ensure the stiffness of plastic bottles, in addition to choose the material with high rigidity, but also by the shape of the plastic bottle design, enhancing stiffness and load resistance strength of plastic bottles. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Beidou navigation, 'core' towards a higher dimension of compaction hammer. Application in the industry calls for 'breakthrough', construct the big dipper '+' ecosystem at present, our country environmental protection enterprise to how flutter? And expand the application after the 'core' how to implement the 'beidou + environmental protection'. PM2。 5 concentration of 50 micrograms per cubic meter, year-on-year decline in 3. 8%; PM10 concentration to 80 micrograms per cubic meter, year-on-year rise 6 respectively. 7%. Nine cities 1 - the pearl river delta area Good days compared with an average of 90 in November. 2%, compared to 1. 6%. PM2。 5, PM10 concentration respectively 30 micrograms per cubic meter, 46 microgram per cubic meter, achieves the secondary annual average concentration, year-on-year decline in 11. 8%, 11. 5%. PETG is a kind of plastic, is a kind of amorphous polyester. A total monomer 1, 4 - of PETG Cyclohexane alcohol ( CHDM) , called polyethylene terephthalate 1, 4 - Cyclohexane ester. In terms of construction land, article 10 of 'soil' requires no pollution plots, implement in order to prevent the spread of pollution for the purpose of risk control; To be used for residential and commercial, schools, such as use of contaminated land, implement to use for the purpose of risk control; Confirmed by the risk assessment can not meet the requirements, to carry out management and restoration. On the market generally divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic bottle blowing machine. Automatic bottle blowing machine through the operation of the manipulator will bottle blowing two operations together to complete, from the middle of artificial will be preheated bottle embryo into the mould. Greatly speed up the production rate, and of course the price also is higher than semi-automatic. PET chemical called ethanol terephthalate, also known as polyester. Currently used in customer's GF - more PET, mainly playing bottle embryo. PET can be recycled, material recycling, through a series of special washing or by chemical treatment to decompose PET into the raw materials or intermediates, and its purification, translate into new PET resin. Subsequently, tianjin municipal environmental protection bureau in the waste water of 2015 straight row of industrial enterprises and industrial crevices or pollution control work plan ', will be 92 industrial crevices or sediment management included, saying 'to clearly is formed by one or more of the industrial wastewater of crevices or' shall be the responsibility of the relevant enterprises governance, 'left over from history and cannot clear crevices or industrial enterprise responsibility, districts and counties is the responsibility of the governance subject'. The law voted by 10 to 25 times meeting, will come into force as of January 1, 2018 formally. This also means that run 38 years of discharge system will become history. Tax law on the protection, discharge taxable pollutants directly to enterprises, institutions and other production operators for taxpayers. Different market of environmental protection, environmental protection enterprise in the business. In terms of the foreign takeover enterprise, and even the whole of Asia are they seek new growth in key markets. And it seems to many people in the industry, overseas companies often project to do business, assets, often hundreds of millions of dollars of dimension, many domestic enterprises can't. Measurement of measurement: ( Is actually a nozzle of a dose) Has two kinds of peeling measuring method. Error in 0. 02 g. Also use the pump body size measurement. 1, blister packaging materials used in packaging bottle mat CARDS and gifts sets within the set of modelling, packing solid bottom pad selection and promotion rack etc. Second, bottle blowing molding
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