Loudi spray bottle is recyclable

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Loudi spray bottle is recyclable tubes in the oven to the layout of the top-down show 'area' glyph, commonly more than two head, less in the middle. Oven heat from the tubes open quantity, the overall temperature setting, oven heating power and paragraphs than common control. Lamp of open to combining pre bottle blowing. PET of vitrification transformation temperature about 165 ℃, the crystallization temperature range is 120 ~ 220 ℃. PET at high temperature has a strong hygroscopicity. For glass fiber enhanced PET material, also very easy to bending deformation at high temperature. Can enhance agent to material by adding the crystallization degree of crystallization. With PET processing of products has the gloss and heat distortion temperature. Can be added to the PET mica and other special additives reduce bending deformation. If you use a lower mold temperature, then the use of filling material of PET products. 1, according to the material is pure aluminium bag, aluminium bag, PV, PE, BOPP, PET, PEGT bags, etc. As soil repair industry practitioners, we believe that in the development of the industry 'in the spring. High-energy executive chairman said LingJinMing of optimism. In a-share market in 2015 is looking forward to 'soil' of article 10, the scarcity of mark based on plates, stock valuations are given higher premium valuation, in the 70 - 100 times the interval, in 2016 as the boots to the ground, valuation, the corresponding dynamic PE in 30-2017 40 times the interval. Carbon emission rights registration and transaction services will be led by hubei province and Shanghai respectively. Carbon emissions trading system in the future will cover the petrochemical, chemical industry, building materials, steel, non-ferrous, papermaking, electric power, such as key industries. At the same time also must carry on the four support construction, one is the data submitted to the carbon emissions, the second is the carbon emission rights registration, the third is carbon emissions trading and settlement. So can ensure, eia system and related specification link up better. The introduction of the eia system in China has several ten years of history, all sorts of new and specification are as at one after another. In order to form a unified system of protection, the eia system also needs to be more full, in order to achieve the goal of seamless other policies and regulations imposed. Research related products should pay attention to the environmental protection policy execution progress, judge the change direction and degree of the market may be ahead of schedule. 3. 1: short term limit production strictly enforce bring huge impact 3 supply. 1. 1 3 of article 10 for atmospheric pollution 2017 final year action plan. Around to atmospheric pollution control, and a series of heating season limit production policy, and organize the strict action, non-ferrous, iron and steel, coal, chemical and other industries production limit production, brought great impact to the supply. 4, blended membrane ( The viscose 80%, other such as polyester 20%) Also more stick take to absorb less, used more widely. 1, the paster main categories: molding injection molding is mainly used to enhance the PET. PET in general can only choose screw injection molding. Will become a trend that the carbon market, which is based on carbon emitter. The early stages of the carbon market is not mature, mainly in the trading system and the imperfect rules design, trading and market activity is relatively low, prices are volatile and not good market price discovery function, the level of market lower. Quality, and the incremental implementation innovation drive, the promotion of equipment. Enterprises should, on the other hand, is the ability of design, integrated solutions of ecological benefit and economic benefit level, to achieve even more than individual projects in environmental protection and equipment performance. The core technology also is a key to development. As environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise, the pain points and the points for management target, by deepening the product structure, technology innovation as the primary driving force, make the environmental protection equipment, reliable, intelligent, diverse products, can products and brand value, to win the 'custom' competition in the market. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 This year's action plan for atmospheric pollution final years, according to the coal replacement task, beijing-tianjin-hebei coal consumption to achieve negative growth this year. Put forward by coal electricity generation of already a long time, but the ground will not be easy. Analysis pointed out that the electrical energy alternative market space is huge, but the company is a huge amount of difficulty of implementation. On April 21, clear water source to 16. 8. 4 billion yuan, the winning jiangsu suqian sucheng village sewage treatment projects; On August 22, Bosch bidding yunnan chengjiang county rural sewage treatment and residential project of the PPP projects, the total amount of 22. 100 million yuan; On December 14, with 12 shares. Amount of 5. 7 billion yuan, the winning sanya rural sewage treatment project. But the fertilizer contains a certain amount of phosphorus and nitrogen, under the long-term use, as well as large quantities of input into the soil, serious geological structure of the soil, causing soil nutrients lost within the due balance, thus soil in soil agglomerate, geological variation, water storage function weakened, and many other problems. 9, bronzing, hot silver, such as processing and printing gold powder, silver powder effect on distinguishing, hard material and smooth surface is suitable to bronzing, hot silver, soft surface decoration effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot stamping silver gloss printing golden silver. 2, mold temperature. Die temperature directly affect the cooling speed of melting and the degree of crystallinity, degree of crystallinity is different, the plastic pieces of different performance. Usually, the mould temperature control in 100 ~ 140 ℃, when molding thin-wall plastic parts, desirable small value; Thick wall molding plastic parts, desirable value. 2, hot stamping, hot stamping is a thin layer of paper on it. There is no screen printing AoTuGan. And very hot don't directly in the PE and PP on these two kinds of material. After need to heat transfer in hot stamping. Or have a good hot stamping paper can also be direct hot stamping. Aluminous model board can do hot stamping, can do hot stamping on at full speed.
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