JiuPingGai anti-counterfeiting market changes

by:Lisson     2020-05-21
In the past, JiuPingGai anti-counterfeiting is its most main source of profits. He also largely to JiuPingGai technology development has brought a lot of good. JiuPingGai anti-counterfeiting, however, has been out while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs, while the priest climbs a post, the state. In such a background, the liquor manufacturer always want to find a better way of JiuPingGai anti-counterfeiting. As the big data over the years, the development of mobile Internet and qr code technology, there is a new change in product security and progress. Traditional way JiuPingGai physical security is more and more not adapt to The Times demand. On wine bottle bottle body through two-dimensional and anti-counterfeiting can achieve better results. So for JiuPingGai, its past anti-counterfeiting function gradually lost its meaning. For JiuPingGai, therefore, in the future market, will face a bigger challenge.
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