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Development of cosmetics to promote the development of tube packaging



With the rapid development of composite technology of plastics and different materials, composite tube gradually enters a variety of different packaging fields, such as high quality cosmetics, with its excellent water resistance, oxygen resistance and other properties and good convenience. This is changing the traditional concept of plastic composite tube packaging only for simple packaging of low-grade products.


Compared with other products, the advantages of composite tube are higher than that of other products. tube can be said to be one of the most popular forms of packaging in the cosmetics market in the past two years. Plastic composite tube is mainly used in the cosmetic industry for packaging of cleaning cream, wash milk (milk), shampoo, shampoo, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dye, ointment, depilatory paste, toothpaste and other products in the pharmaceutical industry, which is mainly used in the packaging of cream and plaster.


Cosmetics packaging functional demand cosmetics often represent fashion, avant-garde or trend, therefore, the protective, functional and decorative packaging of cosmetic, almost in the same important position. Cosmetic packaging has also been the most active market. Not only is the product updated quickly, the design is avant-garde, but also the level of processing and manufacturing is very high. Cosmetic packaging first requires no chemical or biological reaction with the contents; secondly, the use of convenience, packaging usually requires two sealing functions, to have a certain durability; then, it is to have a good marketing role. The decorative requirements of packaging are very high and the production is very exquisite. Many high-end cosmetics, packaging costs or even higher than the product itself. The most common packaging products include glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic tubes and so on. Cartons are commonly used for external packaging of medium and high grade cosmetics. Traditionally, middle and low priced skin care products are mostly made of composite plastic bags, plastic tubes and plastic bottles, while high-end products are more in favor of glass bottles. In recent years, with the continuous emergence of various new plastic materials and the development and maturity of plastic composite technology, various plastic packaging is playing a more and more important role in the field of high-end cosmetics packaging. All kinds of composite tubes are an important form of packaging. Toothpaste packed with functional toothpaste is a necessary dental care product. With the increasing function of toothpaste and the increasing variety of toothpaste, the packaging of toothpaste has changed greatly. Toothpaste packaging was originally made of tube paste made of lead tin material, and it was not used until 60s of last century. Due to the limitation of printing methods, the toothpaste tubes only use letterpress printing to print some words and color blocks instead of printing images. Even if printed characters are not of high quality, large print is coarser, and small characters can not be printed at all. Due to technical limitations, aluminum tubes have long been the only choice for toothpaste tubes.

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