How much future plastic bottles in the cosmetic packing market share

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Plastic bottles in the future in the cosmetic packing market share is about? Since most cosmetic packaging needs to be broken resistance, and easy to carry, so the market for the favour of plastic bottles for granted. But, despite the plastic packaging is very popular, are packed in cartons of utilization rate is rising. Since 2010, the use of carton packaging, rapid growth, increased from 9% to 19%. These data comes from the recent PMMI 'personal care market assessment' report, the report predicts that the global cosmetics and care in the future market will be in 5. 5% annual growth rate of growth. By 2019, the prosperity of the market value would reach $38. 1 billion, including developing countries such as the growth rate of Latin America and the asia-pacific region will be more than the developed countries. Downstream high market growth in cosmetic plastic packaging market. At the same time, the report of cosmetics packaging projections made four trend direction and challenges: 1, sustainability Cosmetics business is seeking a way to save materials, at the same time, the use of biological plastic alternative chemical plastic in order to improve the sustainable utilization of cosmetic plastic bottle. 2, consumer needs and expectations of more small and easy to carry cosmetics packaging is commonly present demand. 3, cosmetics packaging needs of efficient innovation, automation and intelligent packaging equipment helps to control the cost of production. 4 plasticity, cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaging should need to be able to quickly and conveniently change characteristics, to apply to a variety of packaging requirements. Dongguan city cheung plastic products co. , LTD. , founded in 2006, based on the global manufacturing city -- - — Dongguan city, is the collection bottle blowing molding of plastic container manufacturer, specializing in the production of HDPE, PP, PET, PS bottle, acrylic bottle and plastic bottle caps, the company products are widely used in health care products, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging. Welcome consultation: - 0769 87638818
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