High-end cosmetics bottles can also sell a good price? The personage inside course of study: online shopping to prevent 'filling goods'

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Core tip: in the daily, recycling empty wine bottle, empty bottles already is nothing new, but you know what? Empty high-end cosmetics bottles of some special collection. The reporter understands, a set of elegant shi landai empty high-end cosmetics bottle price even for up to 300 yuan. For recycling of empty bottles will do after all, the personage inside course of study reminds, are more likely to be some people used to filling, use high-grade cosmetics bottles filling some inferior cosmetics sales, therefore, high-grade cosmetics, online shopping was associated with significantly lower prices or crazy discount must be cautious to buy the product. High-end cosmetics bottles sold good price never stingy people miss huang to buy cosmetics, as long as their feel good with it, even if you all want to buy again. In recent years, with a lot of cosmetics, empty bottle also threw a lot of, but for a few more high-grade, and well-presented and cosmetic bottles, but hasn't been willing to throw. 'The other day inadvertently see on a website BBS recycle high-grade cosmetics bottles, then contact, throw the empty bottle of I don't willing to part with or use to upload the photos, I didn't think someone is willing to offer to buy soon. A French lancome QingYing water bottles sold 30 yuan, a clinique moisturizing cream bottles sold 20 yuan, is by WeChat transfer, each other also said that if you have good empty bottles, complete sets of the best, the price can be higher. 'Miss huang said. Buy cosmetics has made no secret of empty bottles with the help of miss huang, reporter contacted buyer said after have estee lauder empty bottles to sell. Each other, said he is long-term acquisition of high-end cosmetics bottles, basically see the brand and empty bottles of quality to price, referred to the empty bottle photo upload. Reporters then miss huang is using estee lauder eye cream bottle photos uploaded, the other says, can offer 50 yuan. 'If you have this ( Estee lauder) Complete the empty bottle of the best, we had more than 300 yuan to buy a set of bid. 'However, for the reporter asks' what after the acquisition for ', the other says 'inconvenience'. On March 30th, the reporter found after searching on the Internet, online buying high-end cosmetics bottles have a lot of information, a lot of information also played the 'long-term acquisition', 'high prices' and other words. Reporters asking in the city center, however, after several entities cosmetics store, many shops have said 'no recycling', said only a few brand counter served as 'empty bottles in small sample' sales promotion. Careful filling to buy inferior products 'high-end cosmetics bottles recycling already had, as for the purpose, are more likely to be filling used by some people, that is to say, use formal brand cosmetics bottles, filling some inferior cosmetics sales. 'On March 30th, the zhuhai long engaged in cosmetics sales Wu Xia ( Not his real name) Told reporters. She said that the current normal big brands of high-end cosmetics for agent profit space is very small, so the price is expensive. These are filling of cosmetics, online sales is more, and the price is low, 'in daily life I will often meet with some people bought lower prices from the online brand cosmetics let me identification, also met some wrong brand cosmetics, hope everyone from online purchase cosmetics brand, must to the website to buy. For some write 'low price promotions,' crazy discount or price significantly deviate from the online store sales brand cosmetics must be careful, because a bit not careful, very likely will buy canned goods. ”
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