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best material for cosmetic containers


I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with the word "cosmetics". We use it every morning before going to bed and before going to bed at night. The importance of cosmetics to us now is unimaginable. Cosmetics are a kind of skin care product that cares for the body. The role of.

Using glass bottles to hold cosmetics, on the one hand, cosmetics are not easy to chemically react with glass bottles, because some cosmetics are highly volatile and their molecular structure is not very stable; on the other hand, glass bottles are displayed, and cosmetics are filled in glass bottles. Sending off relatives and friends is a choice.

Nearly cosmetics companies will launch a glass bottle that is especially suitable for cosmetics. This glass bottle is suitable for holding water cream and other products; it is equipped with spray nozzles, straws, etc. This glass bottle looks very good, I believe if this As a cosmetic bottle, glass bottles are sure to sell well. And summer is coming soon, sunscreen is an indispensable product for every girl; sunscreen refers to the use of some methods to prevent the skin from being tanned or sunburned. Absorb ultraviolet rays, but apply it 30 minutes before going out; the mask is also a skin care product we commonly use, which has moisturizing and hydrating effects.

Cosmetic glass bottles are one of our common daily necessities. Almost every one of us cannot live without it now. So do you know how cosmetic glass bottles are formed through refining? Next, our cosmetic glass bottle manufacturer will share with you the processing process of cosmetic glass bottle molding.

1. Prepare raw materials for processing cosmetic glass bottles. According to the mixing ratio, the various raw materials are weighed and mixed uniformly in a mixer. The main raw materials of cosmetic glass bottles are: quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid and so on.

2. Heat and melt the prepared raw materials. The prepared raw materials are heated and melted into molten glass. The melting temperature of molten glass is mostly 1300-1600°C. Most of them are heated by flames, and a few are heated by electric current, which are called electric melting furnaces. 3. Pour the liquid glass into a mold made of glass, and the cosmetic glass bottle can be basically shaped. The cosmetic glass bottle must be formed within a certain temperature range. This is a cooling process. The cosmetic glass bottle first changes from a viscous liquid state to a plastic state, and then into a brittle solid state.

4. The cosmetic glass bottle is cooled after being molded. Although the molding process of the cosmetic glass bottle is a heat dissipation process, after it is formed, there will be residual heat, which will reduce the strength of the cosmetic glass bottle. If it is directly cooled, it is likely to be stored, transported and used during the cooling process or later. The process broke automatically, so the cooling of the cosmetic glass bottle is a gradual process.

Through the above steps, the cosmetic glass bottle is basically formed,

First of all, cosmetic glass bottles should be pure and transparent. If the cosmetic glass bottle looks like impurities and bubbles, it will look rough and affect the beauty of the glass. Secondly, the mouth of the bottle should be smooth and neat. This aspect affects the comfort when drinking water, and directly affects the tightness of cosmetic glass bottles. Furthermore, it is better to have a thicker cosmetic glass bottle body. Cosmetic glass bottles are thick or thin. In terms of material and quality, try to choose thicker cosmetic glass bottles, so that they can be insulated and wear-resistant to a certain extent. Finally, select the preferred high borosilicate glass. High-end, exquisite cosmetic glass bottles are generally first made of high borosilicate glass, because this kind of cosmetic glass bottles have very good heat resistance, cold resistance and abrasion resistance.

How to check the sealability of cosmetic glass bottles? The tightness of the cosmetic glass bottle mouth is also an important factor in judging the quality of the cosmetic glass bottle, so today I will tell you how to check the tightness of the cosmetic glass bottle mouth.

1. Observe whether there are oblique caps, tilted caps, sliding caps and crushed claws on the caps of the cosmetic glass bottles.

2. Observe whether the cover surface is concave and the safety button is sunken to determine whether there is a vacuum in the cosmetic glass bottle.

3. Measure the tightening position When measuring, first find the straight seam of the bottleneck on the mouth of the cosmetic glass bottle. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the bottleneck of the cosmetic glass bottle to the starting edge of the closest lid claw as the tightening position. The measured value is taken from the right side of the bottle neck of the cosmetic glass bottle as a positive value, and the value taken from the left side of the bottle neck of the cosmetic bottle is a negative value. The above is the article on how to check the sealability of the cosmetic glass bottle mouth brought by the cosmetic glass bottle factory. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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