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What is the "four-color offset printing" in the production of aluminum cosmetic tubes


Cosmetic tubes and bright graphic designs on aluminum tubes are most often processed by "offset printing". How is it produced by cosmetic tube manufacturer? In the process of cosmetic aluminum tubes production, from graphic design to the actual printing process, it is a link that cannot be ignored. Because modern consumers not only pay attention to the function of the product, but also care about its "appearance", therefore, every supplier of aluminum tubes will hope that their cosmetic tubes printing can be exquisite and delicate.

The most commonly used printing method for cosmetic aluminum tubes is offset printing, or "offset printing" for short. This type of printing is a type of lithographic printing, and its advantage is that it can print a large number of clear and sharp images quickly, and can make full use of the dots to print rich and multi-level color effects.

The working principle of offset printing for cosmetic tube is to first transfer the ink to a rubber-made drum-type impression, and then transfer it to the surface of the aluminum tube. A key step in the production of printed cosmetic aluminum tubes is the preparation of graphic files. Taking four-color offset printing as an example, four Pantone colors must be selected for graphic design. After finalization, each color will be converted into a negative film (called film) for printing and plate making, with one film per color. Trial production should be carried out before formal production, and the ink should be adjusted to the best ratio to ensure the effect of the finished product.

In summary, the "four-color offset printing" in the production of cosmetic aluminum tubes is made by superimposing four colors.

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