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As we all know, there are two aspects to be paid attention to in cosmetic OEM, namely product quality and packaging materials. Especially the purchase of cosmetic packaging materials, slight carelessness, will affect the delivery time of products, so the choice of packaging materials is the key link in the cosmetics OEM process. So cosmetics packaging materials selection need to pay attention to what issues? 

On the below are some details regarding things to pay attention for cosmetic packagings, contributed by Lisson cosmetic packaging factory, welcome to reach Lisson for free sample if you're sourcing for wholesale cosmetic packaging containers.


First, the quality of custom cosmetic packaging 

In the cosmetics OEM, there are a lot of cosmetics packaging need makeup boxes, makeup bottles, makeup bags and so on all kinds of packaging material, for the batch production of cosmetics bottles, if cosmetics packaging material quality closes nevertheless it will appear in the process of transportation break phenomenon or sealing poor easy sliding sideways, excessive deviation on the material appearance.

Second, the cosmetics package material is not complete

Packaging material is not complete problem, very cosmetic OEM has a very common problem. For example, a cream bottle is composed of bottles, LIDS, hand pads, boxes, inner brackets, labels, etc. There are so many small parts that it is easy to miss some parts in the production process.

Three, cosmetics packaging material capacity is not real,

For example, the standard size of some perfume bottles is 50ML, while the actual packaging capacity is 30ML or 70ML, which is a huge gap. As a result, it is impossible to accurately estimate the quantity of cosmetics packaging materials.

Four, customized cosmetics packaging format problem

The outer packing format of cosmetics does not meet the national standards, for example, the outer packing of products does not clearly indicate the full name of the cosmetics manufacturer, production license, hygiene license, sanitary makeup approval, executive standard, QS; The imported product does not include description.

Fifth, name and specification of cosmetic products

Cosmetics name, specifications, product internal and external packaging is easy to appear do not correspond, so in the production line packaging must be careful.

Six, customized makeup packaging and printing of cosmetics

Check whether the printed characters and patterns of cosmetic packaging materials are fuzzy or not; Whether the printed words and patterns are consistent with the design draft; Is the product name and specification clearly stated?

These above problems are the most likely problems in cosmetics OEM packaging selection, both cosmetics OEM manufacturers or looking for OEM cosmetics brand manufacturers are required to pay attention to.

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