Facial cleanser packaging hose

by:Lisson     2020-11-16

Lisson's products include: hoses for packaging cosmetics, medicines, greases, foods, etc. with diameters ranging from 16mm to 60mm; the length of the tube body can be adjusted between 5g-300g according to the capacity; hose material There are single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer and many other varieties; and it is divided into transparent tube, white tube, colored tube, round tube, oval (pan tube) hose; matching with round head, flat head, pointed head, flip cover, metal Covers and other various types of covers; can meet special needs such as frosting, fogging, bronzing, silk screen printing, etc.; if there are other special needs, it can be customized according to customer requirements.

¢16.19 Tube diameter series hoses are suitable for packaging eye creams, lip balm and other cosmetics, or eye ointment (water) and other pharmaceutical packaging. This series of hoses are small and exquisite, and are often used as gifts or trial products. Choose white tube, color tube, pearl tube, transparent tube and other styles.

¢22, 25 pipe diameter series hoses are generally suitable for packaging of cosmetic products such as sunscreen, skin cream, essence, liquid foundation, lotion, etc. This series of hoses are more sophisticated and can be used as gifts or trial products.

¢30 and 35 pipe diameter series hoses are more suitable for packaging cosmetic products such as sunscreen, cleanser, skin cream, liquid foundation, hand cream, etc. The capacity of this series of hoses is moderate.

¢40 and 45 pipe diameter series hoses are generally suitable for facial cleansers.

With the continuous economic development, people’s material life has become more and more diverse, and the consumption outlook has also changed correspondingly with the improvement of material life. Skin care products are what modern women and even men need, and they can basically be It is called daily necessities that everyone needs, so the packaging design of skin care products is particularly important. Packaging design needs to be able to protect goods reasonably and be able to attract consumers to buy, which is also the fundamental purpose of packaging design.

First of all, Lisson organized and analyzed the packaging design methods and methods of existing domestic and foreign skin care brands, and went to the skin care product counters of major shopping malls to investigate and study its packaging design, focusing on consumers who are more enthusiastic about Analyze the brands purchased, and discuss the packaging design methods of consumers for their selection and purchase of popular brands, understand the main characteristics of the packaging design of skin care products at home and abroad, and put forward some personal ideas for these designs; secondly, through combination Packaging design elements such as color, graphics, and text are integrated into the spiritual needs of the product to carry out the packaging design of skin care products, analyze and summarize their characteristics and advantages, and combine the characteristics of packaging at home and abroad to find out the shortcomings, improve them, and find Advantages, learn, and then summarize, and finally form research ideas and design principles; again, analyze the psychology and aesthetics of different groups of people, and combine the visual communication and humanized characteristics of skin care product packaging design to conduct overall design analysis. When designing the packaging, design a hose packaging design that suits you, has its own characteristics, and can attract consumers' desire to buy for the selected skin care product brand.

Lisson tube packaging has been committed to skin care product packaging design, cosmetic tube packaging design, high-end gift bottle packaging design, high-end skin care product packaging design, health care gift packaging design, high-end gift tube packaging design, skin care tube packaging brand for many years Packaging design: Relying on a large number of successful cases and work results, it has won the respect of many customers. In the packaging design industry, the field of masterpieces has been repeatedly praised.
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