Before processing cosmetics packaging plastic products surface

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
How before processing plastic products of plastic products surface coating processing and surface treatment including coating plating coating processing. In general, the crystallinity of plastic is bigger, smaller polarity or nonpolar, low surface energy, it will affect the coating and coating adhesion. Because the plastic is a kind of non-conductive insulator, therefore cannot be directly by a plating process standard plating coating on plastic surface, so before the surface treatment, should undertake the necessary pre-treatment, to improve the adhesion strength of the coating and coating for plating coating with good adhesion of the conductive layer. 1 coating coating pretreatment before treatment including plastic surface oil removal, clean the surface of the oil and release agent, as well as the activation treatment on the surface of the plastic, the purpose is to improve the coating adhesion of coating. ( 1) Oil removal of plastic products. Products like metal products surface oil removal, plastic oil removal can use organic solvent cleaning or alkaline aqueous solution containing surfactant oil removal. Organic solvent oil is suitable for the plastic surface cleaning of paraffin, beeswax, fat and other organic dirt, the insoluble organic solvents to plastic, swelling, cracking, its low boiling point, volatile, non-toxic and non-combustible. Alkaline aqueous solution is suitable for the alkali resistance plastic oil removal. Caustic soda, alkaline salt contained in the solution and all kinds of surface active substance. The most commonly used surface active substance for the OP series, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, it won't bubble formation, is no residue on the plastic surface. ( 2) Activation on the surface of the plastic products. The activation is in order to improve the surface energy of plastic, which is in the plastic surface generate some polarity base or coarsening, in order to make is more likely to be adsorbed on the surface wetting and coating. Surface activation treatment method are many, such as chemical oxidation, flame oxidation, solvent vapor etching method and corona discharge oxidation method, etc. One of the most widely used is crystal chemical oxidation treatment method, this method is commonly used chromate treatment fluid, the typical formula is heavy chromium acid potassium 4. Water 5%, 8. 0%, concentrated sulfuric acid ( More than 96%) 87. 5%. Some plastic products, such as polystyrene and ABS plastic, also may carry on the coating and coating directly. 2 plating coating pretreatment of plating coating and the plastic coating pretreatment is the purpose of improving adhesion and make plastic surface formed on the surface of the conductive metal layer. Pretreatment process mainly include: mechanical coarsening, chemical degreasing, chemical roughening, sensitizing treatment and activation treatment, reduction processing and chemical plating. The first three of them in order to improve the adhesion of coating, after four is to form a conductive metal layer. ( 1) Chemical and mechanical coarsening coarsening. Mechanical coarsening and chemical roughening treatment is respectively with the method of the mechanical and chemical methods to make plastic surface coarsens, in order to increase the contact area of the coating film and magnesium substrate. It is generally believed that the adhesion strength of the mechanical coarsening can reach is only about 10% of the chemical roughening. ( 2) Chemical degreasing. Plastic surface coating before coating processing oil removal method and coating before coating processing oil removal method is the same. Plastic products industry is showing a variety of features at present, the plastic products of foreign trade development of our country still exists some difficulties, bilateral trade with the eu, Japan has been on the decline, in the first quarter of this year China's exports of pressure will be bigger. Rich products in Australia, economy is relatively developed, purchasing power is strong, but slightly weaker in plastic industry, 80% of the plastic products rely on imports, for our country's plastic machinery manufacturers and plastic products production enterprises, undoubtedly there is a huge potential market. In 2015, the weakness of the global economic performance, relatively slow recovery twists and turns, and domestic economic downward pressure is more prominent, so foreign trade enterprises will also usher in the new normal. 8 2015, the export of mechanical and electronic products. 15 trillion yuan, an increase of 1. 57 and 2% of exports. 7%, year-on-year increase 1. 7%. In the same period, textiles, clothing, bags, footwear, toys, furniture, plastic products, such as 7 major categories 2 total cost of the export of labor-intensive products. 93 trillion yuan, down by 1. 20 and 7% of exports. 7%. Among them, toys, furniture, bags, plastic products export growth. The plastic products industry in our country because of the downstream applications shows the characteristics of a variety of. In 2016 will be held in Australia international plastics exhibition, plastics and rubber industry has always been the important component of the Australian economy, also for China's related businesses provide a broad trade opportunities. On the one hand, is one of China's plastics machinery, on the one hand, is China's plastic products production, the development of plastics machinery for the plastics industry to provide processing equipment, the two promote each other, promote development. Chinese plastic machinery has been Australia has obvious price advantage, with Australia for the need of environmental protection plastic, all kinds of high-grade plastic machinery and related products demand rate will be increased greatly.
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