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Wholesale cosmetic packaging industry development


The wholesale cosmetic packaging industry for cosmetic packaging manufacturers has developed rapidly in recent years, especially the wholesale customized cosmetic tubes. According to statistics, the scale of cosmetic packaging in the cosmetic packaging market will reach $514.8 billion in 2021. The United States is the second largest market in the Asia-Pacific region, and cosmetic packaging in the United States has strong growth potential. However, behind this industry with very broad development prospects, there is a worrying problem. How to realize circular economy of cosmetic packaging in the modern rapidly developing society has become a potential and important problem. 

The concept of ecological environment protection in the cosmetic packaging market points out a new direction for the cosmetic packaging. It can not only enhance the market competitiveness of COSMETIC Tube Suppliers, but also help COSMETIC Tube Suppliers win a better social reputation. In this context, it is of great significance to study cosmetic packaging improvement strategies from the perspective of circular economy.

Circular economy under the cosmetics packaging strategy, the necessity of improving the current analysis, the urgent request of environment friendly society and cosmetics packaging strategy improvement for the cosmetic packing market level, the cosmetic packing market rise year by year, cheng to the attention of the environmental problems and recycling is a very important part of the problem, to explore new recycling mode, Accelerating the construction of a more streamlined recycling loop than the traditional industry, in order to achieve a positive response to the cosmetics packaging market policy, vigorously protect the environment, effective use of resources triple effect, for the cosmetics packaging marketecological construction is of great significance;

  • Secondly, for Cosmetic Tube Suppliers, COSMETIC Tube suppliers can be improved by using "ECO Friendly Cosmetic Packaging wholesale". Effectively promote the recycling of cosmetics bottles, sugarcane cosmetic packaging, pcr cosmetic packaging and carry out appropriate and effective cosmetic bottle recycling activities, which can not only establish a good image of green consumer brands and shoulder social responsibilities, but also reduce the image of cosmetic Tube Suppliers that are recycled by counterfeit merchants. In addition, the improvement of bottle & tubes packaging strategy can enhance the reputation of Cosmetic Tube Suppliers and increase consumers' loyalty to the brand in the process. 

  • Three, consumers can be through the recycling channels or platform where cosmetic bottle is converted into an actual product or service, in the process of the green consumption behavior, which can help protect the environment, obtain certain benefits, this initiative to promote consumer has a positive role in promoting environmental responsibility.

Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers needs the right kind of packaging to tell a cosmetic brand story. Cosmetic packaging design should first highlight the brand of goods, to convey a unified image to consumers on cosmetic packaging, so that consumers unconsciously accept and recognize the brand, which plays a crucial role in product sales. For example, through color, modeling, abstract graphics, packaging materials, text and other means to reflect the positioning and uniqueness of goods. It is a trend that cosmetics packaging is becoming more and more minimalist, with fewer fancy designs on products and packaging fonts. The clever application of black and white gray color can give a person sedate, grade quality feeling more. In addition, cosmetic packaging should have deeper cultural connotations.

Cosmetic packaging manufacturers appropriately integrate traditional culture into packaging design to achieve the realm of highly unified form and connotation, which will make packaging design more style and more characteristic. Distinctive individual character is very strong to the cosmetics of times sex, individual character impression is a very important psychological factor. Through specific cosmetic packaging design, consumers can have the feeling that this product is tailor-made for them, increase their stickiness to the product, and thus become loyal fans of the product. The customization market is promising, and "personalization" is no longer just for luxury goods.

  • With the advent of digital era, digital printing equipment enables "batch personalized" to be realized, and pre-set customized packaging is easy to implement. Contact experience cosmetics packaging quality and quality link, this is the consumer's habitual buying psychology. When designing cosmetic packaging, cosmetic Tube Manufacturers should choose to touch the cosmetic packaging with a good experience, because the texture is actually recorded in the customer's mind. Cosmetic packaging is the kind of packaging that Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers would pick up and experience when using a product, and the touch experience is more important to consumers than if the product is unwrapped and immediately discarded. As consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, they hope that cosmetics can be kept fresh during use.

At the same time, busy life increased the frequency of business trips, carry convenient cosmetics by white-collar beauty love, cosmetics packaging volume is becoming smaller and smaller to become a trend. At the same time, with the increase of cosmetics categories, consumers have more and more choices, cosmetics packaging will be more and more sophisticated. At present, a large number of plastic packaging waste is polluting the environment, causing a great burden to human beings and even animals and plants.

 Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers should make efforts to reduce excess packaging, choose environmentally friendly materials from guaranteed raw materials, ensure that the packaging is as sustainable and recyclable as possible, and convey the concept of environmental protection to consumers, reduce the burden on the planet, reduce smog and make the planet a better place. At the same time, sustainability must not be at the expense of the consumer experience, good sustainability must improve the consumer experience. And sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers have come up with various eco friendly cosmetic packaging,  such as cosmetic pcr tube, sugarcane cosmetic tube packaging;  Besides, aluminium tubes for cosmetics are also widely favored by more and more beauty & skincare products companies.Because the composition of cosmetics is usually more complex, it is easy to react with various substances in the air, so the protective effect of cosmetic packaging is particularly important. In addition, cosmetics are sold to beauty lovers, so the appearance of itself is very important.

Because the composition of cosmetics is usually more complex, it is easy to react with various substances in the air, so the protective effect of cosmetic packaging is particularly important. In addition, cosmetics are sold to beauty lovers, so the appearance of itself is very important.

Material is the basis of packaging, it is not only related to the shape and texture of packaging, and the protection of packaging is mainly achieved by choosing the right materials, cosmetic packaging materials mainly include the following:

1. cosmetic plastic tube. At present, the plastic used for cosmetic tube packaging mainly includes PET, PE, PVC, PP, etc. PET was mainly used for water and beverage packaging at the beginning, but due to its high strength, good transparency, good chemical stability, high barrier, in recent years, it has been widely used for cream, emulsion, toner and other packaging.

2. Glass cosmetic bottle. Glass as a packaging material, have a lot of valuable characteristics, such as such as transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability, good barrier property and can be made from a variety of molding method of various shape and size packaging container, glass cosmetic bottle is mainly used in some perfumes and cosmetics, to cater to the beauty of its glittering and translucent get rid of female consumers.

3. Metal squeeze tubes for cosmetics. The barrier of metal is good, such as aluminium cosmetic tube, especially aluminum barrier ability of water and oxygen is very strong, for the contents can play a good protective role, Aluminium Cosmetic Tube is used in some essential oils, moisturising spray metal cans and some cosmetic boxes.

1) cosmetic bottles. Cosmetic bottles are one of the most common and widely used cosmetic containers, mainly because most cosmetics are liquid or sticky paste that is relatively liquid and therefore can be used to contain and protect the contents. Bottle capacity is large and small, can adapt to the needs of a variety of cosmetics.

Cosmetic bottles vary in shape, but no matter how they change, they are changes or combinations of geometric bodies, mainly cylinders and cuboids, because such geometric bottles have better vertical load strength and internal pressure resistance. The cosmetic bottle is usually not sharp or pointed and uses a smooth linear shape with a smooth transition between parts, which can also be considered soft.

(2) cosmetic boxes. Cosmetic box is also more common in the cosmetics packaging, mainly used in cosmetics packaging, such as powder, eye shadow more choose plastic, can according to need to be made of transparent or some color packing box, cosmetic box body external by printing more exquisite, can also use the three-dimensional design embossed, brings more rich feelings.

(3) cosmetic bags. Cosmetic bags are mainly used for trial use and are only big enough for one or two uses to promote a product without spending too much money.

  • Cosmetic packaging design is usually simple, only need to display trademark, product name and other necessary information, in many cases without other graphics, patterns, if the cosmetic packaging selection of graphics, patterns, is also very simple. For example, you can choose pictures of raw materials, which are mainly used in some plant-based cosmetics.

  • For cosmetics packaging manufacturer, colour is an important part of cosmetics packaging design, people often through the color to distinguish different goods, the right colour can happily touches the person's reaction, directly stimulate the consumers' desire to buy, modern cosmetics packaging color design mainly from the following aspects:

  • Cosmetics packaging factories carry out color design according to the gender of consumers. Women's cosmetics packaging multi-purpose mild but not strong, bright and not dazzling colors, such as: powdery white, light green, light blue, give a person relaxed, lively feeling; The packaging of male cosmetics uses the cool color of high purity, low lightness more, be like dark blue, dark brown, give a person with stable powerful, confident, sharp and angular feeling.

  •  Cosmetics packaging suppliers carry out color design according to the age of consumers. For example: young consumers are full of youthful vitality, for which the design of packaging can use light green, such a symbol of youthful life color. The psychology that increases consumer as age produces change, with the colour that resembles purple, aureate so high can satisfy its pursuit exalted, decorous psychological characteristic more.

  • Cosmetic packaging manufacturers carry out color design according to product efficacy. Nowadays, the functions of cosmetics are becoming more and more detailed. Color also plays a key role in the packaging of cosmetics with different functions.

  • Cosmetic packaging companies carry out color design according to product raw materials. More and more cosmetics directly use the color of raw materials for product packaging, to achieve differentiated performance with other products.

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