The design of the xiang cosmetics bottles in the advantage

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
No convergence trend of the development concept, looking for differentiation between peers, product differentiation, brand differentiation; Professional customization: cosmetic bottles, such as plastic bottle, shampoo bottle, persist in the analysis of the market, positioning, adhere to the industry brand, leading the market; Welcome everyone to come to my company exchanges, visit; We often give the development trend of new information and, just to create more brand value for customers, make greater market; Before talking about how to use cosmetics bottles do high-end atmosphere, rather than bottle shape of psychological impact on consumers has been on the market; Now, we talk about labeling, labeling is divided into: the tag, hot stamping, The silver) , intaglio printing, embossed, etc. , these don't look at he is normal, does affect the market focus, according to the design of the bottle shape to locate the printing, such as is not suitable for use in the bathroom labeling, user experience is not good, will be wet; A high-end products at the same time also by the foil. Dongguan xiang plastic bottles in the factory, which USES many specifications, the color more, multi-function, restore essence, we attentively complete each packing bottle, welcome to contact us: - 0769 87638818
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