Plastic hose packaging product structure

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
Plastic hose body including pipe shoulder, tube ( Play) Part and tail pipe and tubes, often through direct printing or stickers for exterior decoration, food hose manufacturer to carry text or design information, enhance the value of product packaging. The adornment of the hose is mainly done by direct printing and stickers. Direct printing, including screen printing and offset printing. Compared with direct printing, adhesive strengths include: printing diversity and stability: traditional extrusion type hose pipe first, then the print process commonly used offset printing and screen printing, industrial hose manufacturer and adhesive can use letterpress printing, flexo, offset printing, silk screen, bronzing, such as diversified combination of printing process, difficult color more stable and excellent performance. To reduce inventory costs and risks: customer demand for the delivery date is more rapid drive hose manufacturer to improve the production efficiency, direct printing requires hose finished goods inventory, cost is higher. Stickers supply cycle shorter, only need to bare pipe inventory, can reduce the risk of out of stock. At the same time, the application on the hose packaging adhesive needs to satisfy the following conditions: the characteristics of high strength in the whole extrusion hose requirements material has excellent compression resistance; Hose materials continuously pursue the uniqueness and the use of good touch feeling, filling and sealing after deformation are required to bring the hose material needs to have more excellent softness and more powerful adhesive, curing agent hose to ensure keep smooth in the whole process of using, attractive appearance; Hose applied in the field of generalized trigger focus on weatherability and contents; Hose as well as the need to stand up to the actual application of harsh challenges. Such as: sunscreen products used for the hose packaging need through strict fast, high temperature, high humidity test application.
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