Plastic bottle manufacturer: how to use cosmetics bottles of appearance of boosting sales

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
This is a prick silk counter attack. The same about the cosmetics industry, after decades of hibernation, the domestic cosmetics in the domestic market gradually occupy the limelight, become a part of the market main body, and even forced some foreign big shop sign to leave the Chinese market, China's domestic cosmetics to go better, however, cannot leave the cosmetic bottle to pack the important one annulus, cosmetics bottles for domestic cosmetics brand shaping or go abroad will have very big effect. Domestic cosmetics bottle packaging must solve is used to imitate the international cosmetics production enterprises of cosmetics a bottle of bottle shape. Packaging of cosmetics bottles must have a better cultural elements and product features. Cosmetics bottles of Chinese elements such as grass bouquet integrated design, on the cosmetics bottles have adopted many things about China, characteristics of obvious, easy to impress, highlight the characteristics of cosmetics. In fact, many domestic cosmetics has its own main elements and characteristics. For example, the poetry is the main idea of pearl, on the cosmetic packaging should draw lessons from the inspiration of the pearl to more outstanding. Of course, this is just an idea, the packaging of cosmetics bottles must highlight the characteristics, but also can not be stuck in the past, should actively absorb some cosmetics bottle packing element of success.
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