PET polyester material modification of the ten directions

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Packaging industry is more and more high to the requirement of plastic packaging materials, for example, in the case of PET polyester film, in order to satisfy the high separation, high brightness, high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, uv resistance, heat sealing, flame retardant, high shrinkage, such as different requirements, the main staff should be PET polyester material modification. ( 1) Using PET + PEN blend or PET/PEN co-extrusion composite to produce high separation, high temperature resistant, anti ultraviolet BOPET film; ( 2) PET/PETG co-extrusion compound is used to produce BOPET film can be heat sealed; ( 3) Use PET + PETG or use PETG and adopt corresponding tension membrane process can produce high shrink film; ( 4) The PET + amorphous polyester or using special additive masterbatch to produce high gloss film; ( 5) Use PET film coated on the surface of high separation resin high separation can be obtained from PET film; ( 6) Use PET film coated on the surface of transparent coating containing uv coated collectors ( Such as epoxy acrylate polymer, polyurethane acrylate and polyester acrylate) , can constitute a polyester film uv protective layer; ( 7) Use PET film coated on the surface of a polymer high surface tension can be obtained from PET film; ( 8) Use PET film coated on the surface of some kind of solution can be made of antistatic PET film; ( 9) Nano-meter composite modified PET can be obtained with high barrier property and thermal stability of PET film; ( 10) Using PET resin containing special functional masterbatch can be obtained with different functions ( Flame retardant, inferior smooth, pearl, antistatic, etc. ) PET film.
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