Pet plastic bottles agitation can become the next generation of beer industry packing

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Britain's independent brewers association ( SIBA) This year, according to a report released from beer industry overall, craft beer is still the fastest growth category. Although historically, glass bottled beer has been the first container of beer, but for the convenience of sales and consumption, craft beer packing also in constant innovation to improve. According to a report by the EeBriaTrade, craft beer industry mainstream packaging has turned to canned beer. In 2016, 16% of craft beer packaging use canned, and in the past year the proportion had risen to 72%. Some companies value, however, PET packing advantage in design and develop the PET beer packaging. Recently, the Australian packaging company, Amherst ( Amcor) For Brazil craft beer brand Salzburg develop new PET bottle design. From Brazil in the New Age Bebidas wineries specifically designed for its Salzburg pasteurized beer 600 ml of 100% recycled PET bottles. The color of PET bottle is characterized by such as glass, like champagne bottle, and retain the crown shape of glass packaging, metal bottle caps but more lightweight portable bottle, also more seismic resistance to fall off. Previous beer bottles in filling blocks after pasteurization, in sterilizer front gradually heating and back-end gradually cooling needs extra care, to prevent the glass broken bottle container thermal stress discontinuity. New design of PET bottles instead of glass container filling block, and can withstand the tunnel pasteurization process of internal pressure and high temperature conditions. When it comes to product protection, glass has strong resistance capability, can effectively prevent the beer and the reaction of the air. In order to ensure the quality of beer, Amherst are added to oxygen agent to prevent oxygen through the PET materials in and out, making craft product warranty up to four months. Amherst company mentioned, PET bottle design advantage compared with glass, in addition to providing protection for the product is more lightweight, more portable, safer, non-friable, helps to reduce the transportation cost, reduce the energy and carbon emissions along the supply chain. The PET bottle is 100% recyclable packaging, can enter the existing recovery system. 'Innovation and differentiation is the core of the craft beer market in Brazil,' New Age Bebidas beer President Fabio Violin explained. 'PET packaging flexibility enables us to develop a unique glass replacement, this will bring widespread appeal throughout Latin America. 'Amherst Brazil's business development director for Felipe Salles said,' as the growth of the craft beer market, we are working with more beer manufacturers design PET bottle packing, while satisfies the requirement of product warranty, attractive design and cost savings. 'Like the PET packaging and heineken beer. In may this year heineken Russian branch has launched two new PET beer bottle design, new design using the Italian PET interchangeable insert system Engineering company. According to the PET Engineering company is introduced, the shape of the new design can easily use the interchangeable insert modifications - — This means that the new design can have replaced the new grain, mobile and adjust the location and size of label, or even change the volume of the bottle. Canned beer drink of beer market rapidly in recent years have the upper hand, two main reason is that single sales of convenience and aluminum cans, glass bottles easier to recycle the environmental benefits. Even so, the utilization rate of recovery and regeneration of PET beverage packaging has also been improved. With the further promotion of garbage classification, to promote the efficiency of PET recycling and material innovation may allow more focus on PET beer bottle beer manufacturers.
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