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Jiangmen daqo cosmetics wholesale market

by:Lisson     2020-11-25
Jiangmen, guangdong provincial city, located in the west of the pearl river delta, located at the junction of west river and its tributaries PengJiang, jiangnan smoke pier mountain and penglai mountain in the north of the confrontation, such as door, therefore jiangmen. Jiangmen is one of the central cities in the western area of the pearl river delta. Jianghai district, jiangmen city xinhui pengjiang wealth purifying, municipal districts, in the custody of taishan, yinhe, kaiping, enping a county-level city. Jiangmen city from yuan Ming formed at the end of the market set, 'China's first overseas Chinese hometown', township of the Chinese quyi ( Cantonese opera) Such as reputation. In addition, the economic and trade of jiangmen is also quite developed, many wholesalers from all gathered here. So, I believe in the cosmetics industry friends must be very want to know where is jiangmen cosmetics wholesale market, the following will tell one by one by universal cosmetics network to you. ( In no particular order) 不。 Jiangmen yiwu small commodity wholesale city: ring ssangyong avenue, jiangmen city street, yiwu small commodity wholesale city is located in jiangmen PengJiang ssangyong avenue in the north new district. Covers an area of ㎡, a total construction area is as high as thousands ㎡, refer to the first generation of yiwu small commodity market building and modern business requirements of form a complete set, invested heavily in construction. Supporting projects have elevators, escalators, for jiangmen business, at the same time also set a ㎡ commercial square first subsided, jiangmen thousands ㎡ hardcover apartments,. Thousands ㎡ warehouse, parking Spaces, the government special buses, modern market commercial facilities, such as the bus stop. After the completion of the project will fill the blank of the yuexi area market and become the yuexi area and form a complete set of the largest scale and highest level complete the best one-stop small commodity wholesale market, the management environment. Jiangmen yiwu small commodity wholesale market, the introduction of yiwu, yiwu commodity brand and yiwu management, solid foundation for subsequent market management and business promotion, the project into a radiation modern one-stop small commodity market in west of guangdong province. Bus: yiwu small commodity city: road, road, road, road, road, road, road, road, road, road NO. Baisha market: three road, jiangmen pengjiang wealth purifying ring city baisha market is located in pengjiang wealth purifying three ring city road, traffic and transportation are more convenient, mainly deals in general merchandise goods, among them a lot of daily necessities, cosmetics wholesale and retail, and inexpensive, is a good place for wholesale. Bus: baisha station: road; Lk. Attached wire; Lk. Lk. Lk. Baisha temple: short road; Lk. Attached wire; Lk. Lk. Road short-term; Lk. Lk. Lk. Lk. K road editor: huang rui
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