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Deep analysis of green cosmetic tube


Environmental pollution problem has become the focus of world attention, energy saving, environmental protection and resource utilization of high green cosmetic tube industry become a boom in recent years, ensure logistics with green pollution-free materials in cosmetics tubes, tube cosmetics manufacturers can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment, green cosmetics tubes which also became the scholar's research focus. With the development of society and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the concept of green development is being implanted into the development of various industries. Especially under the background of economic globalization, cosmetic tube industry has been developing rapidly, cosmetic tube materials and cosmetic tube technology are increasing day by day. Among them, low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection of cosmetic tube has become the development trend of cosmetic soft tube industry. Therefore, the development and application of green cosmetic tube materials have become the focus of people's attention. Cosmetic tube manufacturers are based on the analysis of the characteristics and types of green cosmetic tube materials, on the application and development of green cosmetic tube materials are analyzed and discussed.


Under the background of the new era, with the publicity and implementation of the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development, the cosmetic tube industry has ushered in the new development of transformation. The traditional cosmetic tube material does not conform to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development in the production, processing and processing of the material, which has a bad impact on people's life and environment and can not satisfy the public's pursuit of a better life. Therefore, the green cosmetic tube has become the focus of people's attention. Under the guidance of the concept of green development, the author is humble, related to the new era of green cosmetic tube, analysis of the characteristics and advantages of green cosmetic tube material, and put forward some ideas on the development and application of green cosmetic tube material.


First, the concept of green cosmetic tube

Green cosmetic tube is a broad concept and design. At present, the world has not formed a unified and clear definition of green cosmetic tube. Different countries have different understanding and understanding of green cosmetic tube. Most European countries believe that green cosmetic tube should have the characteristics of cosmetic tube reduction, reusable, recyclable and degradable decay. tube and cosmetics wholesale industry of scholars on the definition of green cosmetics tube also have different understanding, but basically reflects the characteristics of a common, that is green cosmetics tubes to reflect on human health and ecological environment have no violation, cosmetics tube manufacturer to recycle and reuse at the same time, Green is healthy, symbiotic, friendly and sustainable. Specifically, green cosmetic tube refers to the selection of raw materials, material production, use and recycling or waste of cosmetic tube materials in accordance with the requirements of green development. Obviously, the concept of green cosmetic tube has a lot in common with the concept of green development, ecological protection and sustainable development of the cosmetic tube wholesale industry. The process of green cosmetic tube can also reflect energy saving, reduce pollution, easy recycling and recycling characteristics, more important is that the green cosmetic tube in the whole operation cycle of the product will not harm human health and survival environment. Therefore, on the one hand, green cosmetics tube is based on the principle of ecological environmental protection to emphasize ecological balance; On the other hand, in order to save resources and energy as the goal, cosmetics tube manufacturers attach importance to the recycling of resources is conducive to the protection of natural resources. So, green cosmetics tube is resource saving and environmental friendly as the core elements of the tube materials in cosmetics research and development, production, processing, use and processing using and so on each link for people and the environment of relatively minor, or does not produce the hazards, tube cosmetics manufacturers need to conform to the concept of sustainable development and green.


Two, the type of green cosmetics tube material analysis

The concept of "green cosmetic tube material" was first proposed in 1987 in the report "Our Common Future" of the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development. Just like the green cosmetic tube mentioned above, the green cosmetic tube material itself does not contain harmful chemical elements or microorganisms and bacteria to human health. At the same time, cosmetic tube materials have diversified sources, production costs and resource loss are relatively low, will not cause pollution to the environment. At present, the most concentrated materials in the green cosmetic tube mainly include paper materials, bagasse cosmetic aluminum tubes, edible materials, degradable materials and nanomaterials.

(1) Paper cosmetic tube material.

At the present stage, the paper cosmetic tube material occupies a large proportion in the green cosmetic tube material, which is one of the most green cosmetic tube materials, and it is also the most material with application and development space. This is not only because of the wide range of raw materials and low prices of paper materials, but more importantly, paper materials are easy to recycle, easy to degrade, and green. Therefore, paper materials are the earliest environmental protection materials. Paper materials can be divided into different production processes and raw materials.

1. Paste paper products with pulp.

The material is the world recognized pollution-free science and technology green environmental protection cosmetics tube products, it has the characteristics of low price, light texture, and has good permeability and anti-static functions of cosmetics tube.

2. Corrugated board.

This product is a new cushioning cosmetic tube manufacturer developed and applied in recent years, which has the characteristics of low cost and easy degradation, and has a wide range of applications.

3. Honeycomb board.

The product is developed on the basis of corrugated cardboard, mainly composed of three layers of structure, the middle layer evenly distributed different sizes of hexagonal honeycomb, the honeycomb cardboard has high strength, buffering performance and good elasticity, such as its main application in household appliances, ceramics and other aspects of the cosmetic tube use. Visible, at present, the paper cosmetic tube material application is the most important field in the buffer cosmetic tube.



Degradable cosmetic tube material.

The biggest advantage of degradable cosmetic tube material is that it is easy to degrade and will not pollute the ecological environment. This material not only maintains the function and characteristics of traditional materials, but also can be degraded and reduced in nature without human intervention after use, so as to reintegrate into the natural ecological environment in the form of molecular structure. The formation of this material is cosmetic tube manufacturers in the production process to add quantitative additives, according to the needs of cosmetic tube body can add starch, vitamins, biological degradants, so as to reduce the stability of the material. At present, water-soluble plastic film, starch-based degradable materials, polylactic acid degradable plastics are being developed. Polylactic acid (PLA), for example, is a biodegradable material. It is made of beets, corn, potatoes and sugar cane, and is fermented by cosmetic tube manufacturers to produce lactic acid. Poly (lactic acid) has good compatibility, good biodegradability, air permeability and oxygen permeability. The cosmetic tube material can be treated in a variety of ways after use, whether it is degradation or combustion treatment, will not cause pollution to the environment, its degradation products are also green environmental protection. At present, the application range of POLylactic acid is relatively small, mainly because of its weak impact resistance and strong brittleness, which can not directly meet the practical needs of application. Therefore, further research and development of this material should be carried out to improve its application performance through physical or chemical intervention. For example, flexible polymers and additives can be added to improve the performance of PLA and promote the development of PLA composite materials.


Edible cosmetic tube material.

Edible cosmetic tube material is mainly used in the cosmetic tube industry, the material can be in direct contact with cosmetics, while having no impact on the safety of cosmetics, can be treated and digested as a form of cosmetics. At present, the ingredients of this edible cosmetic tube material are generally composed of protein, sugar, fat, starch and fiber lipids and other substances. The production of this material is mainly cosmetic tube manufacturers rely on advanced specialized technical equipment and process equipment. At present, edible cosmetic tube materials mostly exist in the form of film, its biggest characteristic is that it will not produce any waste. Therefore, this material should be the main material of cosmetic tube in the future. For example, glutinous rice paper, corn baking cosmetics tube cup is common edible cosmetics tube materials in the market. However, the cosmetic tube material has a certain amount of water absorption and is perishable. Therefore, this greatly limits the application range of the material. For example, it is mainly used for cosmetic tube drying, which is not suitable for cosmetics containing moisture. According to relevant studies, edible cosmetics tube film research has the following development trends: from single material to multi-material direction development; From monolayer film to composite film direction development; Development of multifunctional cosmetic tube film.


Nano cosmetic tube material.

Nano-cosmetic tube materials should be the most new materials, with the progress and development of science and technology, there is still a large space for the research and development of nano-cosmetic tube. At present, the development and application of new nano-cosmetic tube materials mainly include antibacterial nano-cosmetic tube materials, fresh nano-cosmetic tube materials, new high temperature barrier materials three. Compared with traditional cosmetic tube materials, nano cosmetic tube materials have stronger mechanical and physical and chemical properties. To be specific, antibacterial nano-cosmetic tube material has strong antibacterial property and long antibacterial effect, and has a large application space in cosmetics, drugs and medical equipment industry. Fresh nano cosmetics tube cosmetics tube materials mainly used in fruits and vegetables, for fruits and vegetables in normal metabolism of produce ethylene, ethylene has stronger ripening effect, when the fruits and vegetables is surrounded by a lot of ethylene will make the vegetable and fruit rot, and the preservation of nano can effectively inhibit ethylene influence on fruit and vegetable, and prolonged storage of fruits and vegetables. In some nanomaterials, the exchange content of carbon dioxide and oxygen inside and outside the film is adjusted through the composite of the nano-coating film and other materials, so as to control the respiratory intensity of fruits and vegetables [7]. High insulation nano cosmetic tube material used for cosmetic tube products, can prolong the preservation time of cosmetics, improve the preservation quality of cosmetics, compared with traditional materials, has a strong barrier performance.



Three, green cosmetics tube material development safeguards

(1) Cosmetic tube manufacturers improve the development plan of green cosmetic tube materials.

Idea is the guide to action, thought is the forerunner of practice. The development of green materials should be based on the national conditions of cosmetic tube wholesale industry, and the development plan of green cosmetic tube materials should be made and the development goal should be clarified. Therefore, cosmetic flexible tube industry should encourage and support related enterprises and scientific research units to invest in the research and development of new green cosmetic flexible tube materials, improve and promote green cosmetic flexible tube materials. At the same time, the government should increase macro-control and support the production of green cosmetic tube materials, give policy care to relevant enterprises, increase financial subsidies and financial support, and organize to strengthen the construction of talent team. As an enterprise, it should enhance its innovation ability, carry out cooperation in a planned and targeted way, strengthen the consciousness of green cosmetic tube, develop composite green cosmetic tube materials with a variety of functions, and promote the development of materials towards the trend of diversification.

(2) Improve the regulations and systems of green cosmetic tube materials.

Compared with developed countries, cosmetic tube wholesale industry cosmetic tube industry started relatively late, green cosmetic tube material related laws and regulations are not perfect. Therefore, we can learn from the experience of developed countries to establish and improve the laws and regulations of green cosmetic tube materials. For example, legislation can be adopted to explicitly prohibit the use of lead, mercury and other heavy metals or toxic and harmful cosmetic tube materials; Clear relevant laws and regulations on recycling, establish and perfect the system of storage return system; The implementation of tax incentives or fines and other "green tax" system, according to the cosmetics tube material manufacturers to supply the type of products, quality and green environmental protection points of the tax mechanism. At the same time, actively advocate moderate cosmetic tube, for excessive cosmetic tube enterprises or businesses and other illegal acts to be held accountable. Only by perfecting laws and regulations at all levels can the green cosmetic tube materials be developed healthily.

(3) Cosmetic tube manufacturers to develop clean production of cosmetic tube material technology.

At present, the most common cosmetic tube material on the market is mainly paper, plastic, metal, glass and so on, these cosmetic tube materials can cause environmental pollution in the production process. For example, paper cosmetic tube in pulp and paper production of waste liquid, glass cosmetic tube production of soot and carbon dioxide, silicon oxide, metal cosmetic tube procedures generated noise and soot and plastic cosmetic tube in the refining process of petroleum raw materials will cause pollution to the environment and the atmosphere. Therefore, at present, it is most important to develop the clean production technology of cosmetic tube materials, so as to ensure the continuation of "green" performance of cosmetic tube materials in the whole process of its life cycle. Although, cosmetic tube wholesale industry to implement the "clean production promotion law", aimed at cosmetic tube manufacturers mandatory clean production audit, to prevent toxic and harmful substances in the production process, pollution of the environment. However, in reality, due to the lack of advanced cleaner production technology, the effect of cleaner production is not ideal. Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen the research and development of clean production technology of green cosmetic tube material, so as to make the green cosmetic tube material have a better application and development.


The concept of green cosmetic tube fits the concept of green development of cosmetic packaging. With the development of economic diversification, the cosmetic tube industry is also constantly innovating and developing, and the development of green cosmetic tube material technology is also the general trend. As mentioned above, green cosmetic tube materials involve raw material innovation, processing and manufacturing technology innovation, management innovation and combination innovation, recycling and reuse and other environmental protection problems, these will become the focus of the cosmetic flexible tube industry. Therefore, the application and development of green cosmetic tube material technology is bound to be the hot spot of the development of cosmetic flexible tube industry in the future, and the application space and development of green cosmetic tube material will be further improved. Environment pollution problem has already become the focus of world attention, the pollution of environment is more and more serious, which is the main cause of this problem from the logistics of cosmetics tubes, so logistics on cosmetics tubes can is necessary to adopt green non-polluting materials, environmental pollution have greatly reduced, But according to the existing situation, there are still a lot of problems in the use of green cosmetic tube in logistics, these problems have a great impact on green cosmetic tube and logistics enterprises.


(1) the concept of green cosmetic tube.

Green cosmetic tube is an ecological cosmetic tube made of natural plants and related minerals, which is environmentally friendly and safe to human health. Limit natural resources. Green cosmetic tube can also be called harmless cosmetic tube, meet the environmental protection needs of the whole cosmetic tube process, including material selection, processing, production, use and disposal.

(two) the importance of green cosmetics tube application.

First, green cosmetics tube can not be ignored during the development of the era of advantage, also is one of the main development direction in the future, the serious problems of environmental pollution in recent years to get a good solution to the future survival and development is our common goal, therefore, all departments should cooperate with green tube used cosmetics, make efforts for it.

Second, the development and utilization of green cosmetic tube plays a decisive role in environmental protection, and to a certain extent, it plays a very important role in reducing environmental pollution. Most current tube cosmetics wholesale industry logistics company USES cosmetics tube is not recycled material, so after a single use, throw away can cause great pollution to the environment, a lot of material also in the decomposition of no pollution, damage to the environment is very serious, finally will have a big impact on people's lives. Third, green cosmetics tube can also save the corresponding costs for logistics companies, and obtain higher profits.


(three) the significance of green cosmetics tube in the use of logistics enterprises in logistics enterprises.

The application of green cosmetic tube in logistics enterprises is of great significance. There are many factors in green cosmetic tube that are the main factors affecting green cosmetic tube. Environmental protection is the core of developing green cosmetics tube. Resource protection and environmental protection complement each other. In order to achieve ecological logistics, cosmetics tube should do the following:

1. Harmless. Green cosmetics tube is worth using environmental protection materials in cosmetics tube, but also requires in the use of cosmetic tube technology also try to choose environmental protection materials with small pollution, from design to use all the process of cosmetic tube materials are in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection indicators.

2. Simplification. Cosmetics tube products can not be colorful, can be used in the production of cosmetics tube materials in the pattern as far as possible to keep a single, reduce the use of materials, to ensure that the tube cosmetics green environmental protection.

3. Recycle. At this stage, the government has certain requirements in environmental protection, one of the most important is recycling, so in the design of cosmetic tube should be the main cosmetic tube material secondary use or even multiple use, so as to reduce the pollution of cosmetic tube into use as little as possible.

4. Derivatization. The evolution of green cosmetic tubes refers to the use of products that can be used as other substances, namely innovation and the development of cosmetic tube recycling. Derivation is an endorsement of another finding on product cosmetic tube, product design and sustainability.


Two, green cosmetics tube application status and existing problems

(I) Anneng logistics staff lack of understanding of green cosmetics tube.

Green cosmetic tube in the development of The Times has an advantage that can not be ignored, but also one of the main development direction in the future, in recent years, the serious environmental pollution problem to be well solved is our future survival and development of the common goal. But many logistics enterprise employees do not have this understanding, including anneng logistics staff in environmental protection cosmetics tube without a correct and comprehensive understanding. This is one of the problems with using environmentally friendly cosmetics tubes in logistics companies. A delay in creativity has hampered the development of eco-friendly cosmetic tubes. The idea of cosmetic tube wholesale industry is relatively conservative, consumption is relatively backward: many employees have not heard of green consumption and cosmetic tube, do not know what the concept of green cosmetic tube is, do not know the advantages and application of green cosmetic tube. Some employees believe that the so-called green cosmetic tube may be the use of a degradable cosmetic tube material in production, which is only the surface of its understanding, and ignore the environmental damage and pollution in the process of cosmetic tube manufacturing, not to mention the recycling of cosmetic tube materials. Because of the staff's lack of environmental awareness, there is no intersection between green cosmetic tubes and their work, which makes it very difficult to use and distribute green cosmetic tubes in the implementation of work. The pollution of cosmetic tubes has not been improved, but is still very serious.

(two) green cosmetics tube has not been formed on an industrial scale.

Logistics currently used by the green cosmetics tube products and manufacturing cosmetics tube materials are mainly produced by small companies, at present Ann logistics in the production and production of green cosmetics tube has not formed a certain scale, has not yet yo 剳 to fully meet the logistics enterprises of green cosmetics tube demand goals. At the same time, aneng logistics in the product structure and the use of green cosmetics tube there are many unreasonable aspects, which will have a significant impact on the application of green cosmetics tube in enterprise logistics. The cosmetic tube industry does not classify cosmetic tube materials. Many enterprises in the design and production of green cosmetic tube products is only to consider the future recycling and reuse, but there is no certain classification of the waste generated, so such products still do not play the due effect and effect after being put into use, but also cause certain pollution to the environment. After the gradual increase in the number of cosmetic tube materials, the waste of environmental pollution will also increase, the two proportional relationship, one increase the other increase, so that the pollution of the environment is more and more serious, can not get any improvement. Production of green cosmetics tube products from the point of view of production scale analysis, scale has not been formed, this is due to the amount of capital investment decided, so hair scale production has not been realized, production efficiency is not improved.


(3) the development of cosmetic tube technology lags behind.

Green cosmetics tube in production is more troublesome and very complex, in manpower, material resources, financial resources are higher than ordinary cosmetics tube, at the same time, green cosmetics tube in production equipment in Ann logistics is difficult to achieve. The production of green cosmetic tube has high cost input. In terms of the current situation, cosmetic tube wholesale industry green cosmetic tube enterprise scale is small, capital and technology are subject to certain limitations, can not invest in large-scale green cosmetic tube. At the same time, there are certain limitations in the development of green cosmetic tube technology. Without the investment of funds, the equipment can not be updated, so it leads to the backward technology. There will be a series of problems in the production of cosmetic tube, resulting in the green cosmetic tube can not be better realized.



Three, improve the green logistics of cosmetics tube countermeasures

(1) Cosmetics tube manufacturers establish the correct concept of green cosmetics tube.

In the implementation of green logistics management, Aneng Logistics should first break the traditional idea of "environmental protection is uneconomical, green is equal to consumption", and should focus on the future development of the enterprise, and achieve the goal of saving resources, reducing waste and environmental pollution in the long-term development. Secondly, we should fully spread the green concept and strengthen the education of green concept. We implement all aspects of the ecological concept, the production of organic products, ecological services and ecological consumption concept is deeply rooted in our heart. Finally, set up the correct green concept consciousness, develop the concept of sustainable development, and develop green logistics as an important part of sustainable economic development.

(2) Cosmetic tube manufacturers optimize the industrial structure of green cosmetic tube.

Cosmetic tube wholesale industry ecological cosmetic tube enterprise scale should also gradually expand, the structure of the cosmetic tube industry to optimize, reasonable arrangement of Ann energy logistics green cosmetic tube application range, can be analyzed from the following points: first of all, the green cosmetic tube into a larger financial support, Let the ecological cosmetics tube form to achieve centralized industrialization, so as to improve the production efficiency of logistics enterprises and the quality of green cosmetics tube, reduce the cost of green cosmetics tube, accelerate the application and promotion of green cosmetics tube in enterprise logistics.

(3) Cosmetic tube manufacturers improve the technical level, speed up technological innovation.

Modern logistics technology plays a supporting role in the development of international logistics and is also an important pillar of advanced ecological logistics technology in international ecological logistics. Green logistics technology can be divided into standardization technology, information communication technology, monitoring technology, new material technology, environmental protection technology, biotechnology, safety protection technology, preservation technology, various waste treatment technology. Technology and waste reuse technology. Of green technology innovation can be divided into alternative investment savings and raw materials, pollution prevention and control technology, recycling system and clean production technology such as technology, therefore, want to better development of green logistics should first establish and perfect the technology innovation of the business, on the basis of the logistics management team, to attract more talents, The service level of logistics should be adjusted and improved accordingly, and gradually realize the modernization of logistics development.



Concept of green cosmetics tubes to the needs of the development of the era and society has great advantages, also conforms to the cosmetic tube manufacturer requirements for the development of environmental protection and resource conservation, green logistics and green cosmetics tubes as our main development trend of future logistics industry and cosmetics tube, both are closely linked, and complementary relationship.

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