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by:Lisson     2020-05-21
In modern plastic packaging has the very good chemical stability, transparency, and good permeability resistance and adaptability, but the dangers of plastic packing compared with other is very large, which leads to the actual security of the food drops, affect people's living standards. 2. 1 plastic packaging in the actual use of raw material is now often produce cracking aging phenomenon, the plastic products can produce a lot of harmful substances, affect the quality of life of the people. Some manufacturers want to decrease the cost of plastic products the actual so will often have some of the waste recycling plastic secondary processing, but there are so many contained in the waste plastic additive residues, the process of production of the actual will produce more monomer and molecular weight polymer, thus affect the quality of plastic products the actual, and damage to the environment. And of course some production businesses will use for processing production, industrial raw materials and industrial raw materials of uncertainty will be bigger, plus more industrial pollution, will lead to very large food packaging hygiene quality problems. 2. 2 processing aid ( 1) Filler filler of modern plastic products very much, but the use of filler type on food packaging in general with natural silicon, silica, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, asbestos, clay and so on, this kind of plastic filler added is, in fact, in order to guarantee the polyolefin antiblocking effect, at the same time will food plastic packaging of all kinds of material stability, heat resistance and robustness performance guarantee, and it also can reduce the product of modernization of the production cost. ( 2) Stabilizer for plastics in fact under the action of high temperature decomposition is very easy to produce, so in use will be very easy to appear under the action of high temperature ageing phenomenon which affect use. So I want to - - - - - - - Some manufacturers in the actual production of the plastic products will add some practical stability effect of stabilizers for the product. Look from the raw materials, general with metallic soap, lead salt, organic organic tin, antimony, rare earths and pure organic compounds. ( 3) Colouring agent in the production of plastic products, the color of a single can't attract the attention of people, can make use of plastic, falling. Colorant is the actual industrial production process is often used in the reconstruction of a kind of color agent, colorant can make plastic products to obtain the very good visual effect, a reminder, in order to obtain higher real returns. Existing divided into dyes and pigments of these two kinds of colorant, inorganic pigments and organic pigments is actually the common classification of pigment. Inorganic pigments - - - - - - - Can contain certain metals, as if with the use of colorants ooze people into the human body will cause very big health damage to the user. 2. 3 actual product quality inspection measures and technology outside of the food in plastic packaging to guarantee the food is delicious, but the quality of the plastic packaging has very big effect on the quality of the food, at T transportation and sales until the late storage has a very important role. If plastic packaging the actual quality is unqualified, moreover also affects the quality of food may contaminated food, lead to food safety problems affect people's health. So, when making plastic packaging should be carried out on the appearance of the product quality inspection in time, the actual packing inspection is very important for product quality and safety checks. Actual material composition in the inspection of raw materials and plastic materials, printing processing of cosolvent test is in accordance with the relevant provisions. The people in the use of health, the relationship between factory inspection is necessary inspection. But the present stage of inspection measures are not perfect, let the production of some opportunistic for a variety of unknown substances added, thereby affect the food safety, affect people's quality of life.
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