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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Many people worry that the pet plastic bottle cap seal will be very bad, one thousand in transport caused the damage of the goods is bad, have to admit that this is a problem, each manufacturer has a series of tests on this issue, let consumer fear in the heart to rest assured. In the testing standard of PET plastic bottle cap is required to clear the cap sealing performance testing. According to the different cap purposes, to cover and not containing gas gas measurement methods have different rules. Cover the cap must be cut to guard against theft not containing gas ring ( A) For not less than 1. Seal the rated torque of 2 nm, tester with seal testing, pressure to 200 kpa, stay under water pressure for 1 minute, observe whether the leak or tripping; Gas cap is pressurized to 690 kpa, stay under water pressure for 1 minute, observe whether the leak, then increased to 1207 kpa pressure, pressure maintenance for 1 minute, observe whether cap is tripping. PET plastic bottle appearance is transparent, consumers can see container products, largely to the confidence of the consumers to buy. In innovative design of the bottle, PET containers can provide a great degree of freedom, can be in accordance with the requirement of different special design, make its appearance change multiterminal, and greatly improve the product's appeal. At present the PET bottle is common to use oral liquid.
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