Hose cosmetics packaging development continuously replace industry city rules

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Hose cosmetics packaging development continuously replace gauge hose cosmetics packaging industry city city rules constantly replace industry with the development of the society, everyone is more or less to use several different brands of cosmetics and beauty skin care products, but you may also have discovered, as time goes on, more and more cosmetics hose packaging application. That a lot of cosmetics in the memory is not use glass containers, use cosmetic tube packing for packaging. Cosmetics tube usually on behalf of the fashion, avant-garde or trend. Therefore, cosmetics hose of protective packaging, functional and decorative almost equally important. Cosmetic tube packaging industry also has been the most active market, product updates faster, not only design halfback, and high level of processing. Hose cosmetics packaging requirements do not occur with the contents first chemical or biological reactions, second, it must be easy to use, and the packaging usually requires a second sealing function, it must have a certain durability, then it must have a good sales function. High demand for packaging decoration, production is also very delicate. For many high-end cosmetics, packaging costs even higher than the product itself. The most common cosmetic packaging include glass bottle, plastic bottle, composite bags, and plastic hoses. In the box is often used as the outer package of high-end cosmetics. Traditionally, the low price of skin care products use composite plastic bags, plastic pipe, plastic bottles, more use glass bottles more high-end products. In recent years, with the growing emergence of all kinds of new plastic materials and plastic composite technology development and mature, all kinds of cosmetics packaging hose in high-end cosmetics packaging plays a more and more important role, also produce all kinds of composite hose cosmetics packing become the main development direction of cosmetics packaging industry. Fly about hin hose yangzhou xin is one specialized is engaged in the research and manufacture of cosmetics hoses, mainly used in cosmetics packaging, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, hotel supplies, packaging, personal care products packaging, etc. Committed to providing customers with high quality cosmetics hoses and packaging solutions. Telephone: any cosmetics hoses demand, please tell us, we will give the best cosmetic hose solutions. In order to let you better understand our company, please visit our company website: https://www. yzxinfly。 Hose com specializing in the production of cosmetics. Factory direct sale! Fly hose connection hin jiangsu the treasure biological technology co. , LTD. Address: contact person: Shao Xiansheng mobile: WeChat: phone: /
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