Dongguan environmental protection plastic manufacturers

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Researchers studied pure PE, PP and PVC light conversion activity in simulated natural environment, found that PE, PP and PVC under photocatalysis takes 40 h, only 60 h and 90 h can 100% into CO 2, CO 2 production increase gradually, then peak, creation and dissolution of CO 2 total number of moles and almost equal to the number of moles of carbon in PE, PP or PVC, plastic was completely photodegradation of CO2. Model reduction, throughout all over the world, progress is the fastest way to direct the African countries to ban the use of plastic bags. Eritrea as early as 2005 ban of plastic bags. Other include Tanzania ( 2006). , Uganda, 2007). , Rwanda ( 2008). , Morocco, 2016) , Senegal, 2016). , somaliland ( 2017) With Kenya ( 2017). Outlawing plastic bags and so on, is not comprehensive, is forbidden to manufacture, sell and use of plastic bags, violation and even jail sentences. Now 54 countries in Africa, there are 34 countries limited plastic related policies. On the continent of Europe and the United States, France from 2020 disabled disposable plastic tableware, ban capsule coffee and Hamburg, Germany. The European Union has announced in 2030 to recycle or reuse the plastic packaging. Britain is called out 25 years bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws and other products. The United States now only California ban of plastic bags, paper bags or plastic bags, the rest of the cities need to pay for the other including dozens of cities such as New York disable styrofoam.
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