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by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Daqing city cosmetics bottle purchase C) According to the number and difficulty of process after the related fees influence, such as light, riding a nail, folding, pressure injection is also called injection molding. Injection molding is the use of injection molding machine, Or the injection machine) Will thermoplastics melt under high pressure into mold cooling and solidification Canon products. Injection molding can also be used for thermosetting plastic and foam plastic forming. Injection molding is the advantage of production speed, high efficiency, operation can be automated, to forming of complex shape parts, especially suitable for mass production. Defect is equipment and mould cost is high, the injection molding machine cleaning is difficult, etc. C、APET( Environmental protection material) Can be ruffled, not very hot edge thickness of 0. 2mm— 0. 8 mm compared to the industry giant, basic it is compared the properties of state-owned enterprises, environmental protection, small and medium enterprises are mostly private enterprises, with more flexible incentive mechanism, such as equity incentive, performance bonus and so on, can be in such aspects as talent introduction, employee motivation is more advantage, compared to the giant high valuation, general background in state-owned enterprises, this advantage is obvious, but it also needs to small and medium-sized enterprise leaders have a strong ability, to the enterprise group as a whole. Some in the industry believe that the main cause of this situation is that the place is more partial to state-owned enterprises. A PPP corporation chief, said in an interview with the media in the PPP project bidding, said some places, more willing to hire some state-owned enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises. Even some conditions and rules, is actually to some state-owned enterprises tailored. Academy of former vice President and chief engineer, director of the alliance for a green development experts will Xia Qing is put forward, in deepening the reform of management system based on the strategic deployment of discharge permit system, needs to have three change, can appear XinShengMian: is to become of eia, catch a new pollution source implementation of discharge permit system; The second is to change, gripper for pollution discharge concentration and total amount of check and ratify; The third is to change, for pollution source points. He further analysis, according to the purpose of green taxes is to encourage enterprise pollution control ability, the emissions. Rate setting is not related to tax chief said, green taxes is in accordance with the principle of 'translation' tax legislation, transfer the current discharge system to the system of green taxes. 'Translation' means the environmental protection tax rates set for tax purposes. 10, such as holding bags, gift bags and high customer to printing requirement, want to use the version for effect. Preparation of blow molding bottle, the first will be PET chip for bottle preform injection molding, it requires that the secondary recycling material ratio cannot be too high ( Less than 5%) Cannot exceed twice, and recycling and low molecular weight and viscosity can't ( The molecular weight of 31000 - 50000, characteristic viscosity of 0. 78 - 0. 85立方厘米/ g) 。 PET can be recycled, material recycling, through a series of special washing or by chemical treatment to decompose PET into the raw materials or intermediates, and its purification, translate into new PET resin. In 7 provinces and the supervision work of mobilization meeting, the second batch of environmental protection inspectorate I will introduce the group leader, protection supervision, promoting the construction of ecological civilization on an important institutional arrangement and protection work. By inspector, focus on the provincial committee and the implementation of the protection policy decisions, solve problems, to carry out the principal responsibility, promote were supervision area ecological civilization construction and protection, promote green development. For this kind of situation, the air specific inspection conducted by quarter since the implementation of inspection increased AnZha YeZha. And under the high values of 'strict' storm, some problems still outstanding. So far, the issues of the inspection teams have found lower processing. Zhao Yingmin, vice-minister of environmental protection, points out that similar mass specific inspection activities, also will organize 2017 1 - 2 times. Field as yong said that environmental protection at the grass-roots level still faces at present. 'Didn't clear sequence, namely to' guerrilla 'feeling a bit. Including the problems we face opposition, there is no uniform clothing is an important reason, personnel to inspect enterprises in their own clothes, people think you are 'no soil. For example, the scale of waste incineration disposal while economy and low risk. And many areas abroad by building garbage processing center, the living garbage after separation, the recycling of the low calorific value of inorganic landfill or, high calorific value of the organic matter is made of refuse derived fuel ( RDF) After centralized treatment, both the utilization and harmless treatment and resource recovery. But at the same time in the industry to achieve rapid development, the development is faced with some problems. For repairing the healthy development of the industry, promote the soil, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher at the institute of nanjing soil jian-min zhou offer proposal, called on all sides highly soil to repair the problems existing in the industry, for the healthy development of the industry his way out. 1, cylinder temperature. The discretion of the narrow range of molding temperature and temperature of the PET will directly affect the performance of the products. If temperature is too low, the plasticizing is bad, make the plastic parts such as depression, lack of material defects; On the other hand, the temperature is too high, can cause excessive, nozzle salivate, darker color, mechanical strength drop, even cause degradation. Usually, the cylinder temperature control in 240 ~ 280 ℃, the glass fiber reinforced PET cylinder temperature is 250 ~ 290 ℃, shall not exceed 300 ℃, the nozzle temperature generally 10 to 20 ℃ lower than the cylinder temperature. 4, order quantity generally for more than 100 sets, if you want to open a new mold production of cost-sharing, mold fee is a fee, renew it according to the original quotation. L/D is too big material within the cylinder for a long time, heat is easy to cause the degradation, affect the product performance. Compression ratio is too small shear heat generating less, easy plasticizing, product performance is poor. Vice can make glass fiber fracture, more mechanical performance degradation. When processing glass fiber reinforced PET and cylinder wear more severe, cylinder use wear-resisting material or have wear-resisting lining material.
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