Binzhou city skincare packing injection molding process

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Binzhou city skin care products, plastic injection molding process an categories 10, cap process for electrochemical aluminum engraving, hot stamping, etching lines, a dumb color light color, should cooperate with gasket and inside pressure sensitive piece of used to strengthen the sealing effect. 1, AS: hardness is not high, brittle, When knock is ringing voice) Color, color, and the blue can directly with the cosmetics, food, in the ordinary course of lotion bottle, vacuum flask, generally is the material of the bottle, cream bottle of small capacity. In the situation. In monitoring business income and net profit ( Ten thousand yuan) Data, soil repair market space super trillions in April 2014, the ministry and the ministry of land and resources jointly issued the soil pollution condition investigation gazette, the survey began in 2006, the actual survey area of more than 630 square kilometers, accounting for nearly 70% of the country's land area. Than focusing technology is inconveniences. Strive to perfect and development at the beginning of this year, issued the '+' green ecological action plan for three years in the notice, put forward the requirement of developing 'green' wisdom, has been clear about the concrete execution unit and schedule, marked the wisdom of environmental protection on the agenda. 'Ji-ning Chen points out, want to play tough already, again want to play, but' will be faster than developed to solve the problems of the same time '. Keep high pressure situation, complete coverage of environmental inspectors will implement the new environmental law formally implemented in 2015. Ji-ning Chen said, in general, law-abiding situation is gradually formed. Basically by the municipal environmental protection industry method 20 years before this, including: urban facilities, now also includes rural infrastructure, industrial pollution control of the market is still not fully open, the next step fully dig it out, it is very critical. Second, technology, r&d spending is very low, the industrial pollution control must be better than technology. After three, hose 1, screen printing, printing up effect has obvious AoTuGan. Because it is a layer of ink. The rules of the silk screen bottle ( Cylindrical) Can be done once printed. Other irregular piece cost at a time. Color is also a kind of cost at a time. And dry ink and UV ink two points from. Since the dry ink easy off for a long time, can use alcohol. UV ink feels AoTuGan obviously difficult to erase. PCTG card is mainly used in Europe, but in North America, Asia, the application of more and more. The reason is that the processing range, high mechanical strength, good flexibility. Compared with polyvinyl chloride, it has a high degree, good gloss, easy to printing, environmental protection, etc. The support of policy and finance, various kept increasing, but the soil heavy metal pollution of struggling, repeatedly setback, is somehow. Second, the lack of laws and regulations. At present our country has not special law of soil pollution, pollution of land and farmland administrative rules also have no, can't can depend on. According to E20 institute found, so far, '' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' ecological construction planning, hefei, 'a series of urban sewage treatment project has been mentioned most by the PPP implementation of market-oriented operation. ( Related to hefei sewage treatment plant landscape: the marketization of urban drainage characteristics under different PPP) The old standard settles, the new standard. The next step, to make persistent efforts, to protect the 'sword' to use to use, to carry out the local committee, the relevant departments in accordance with the responsibility to protect and enterprise law responsibility, promoting measures implemented. To maintain momentum, make persistent efforts. Confirmed already has a very good basic implementation, to control parameter, strictly complete 2017 years activities identified 26 work tasks. Specific as you can see, sander and IFC in 2010 signed a 'memorandum of unconstrained, plan is $70 million, is aimed at water market; In 2013, everbright and IFC signed a $70 million agreement for a long time, the purpose is to expand green water; In 2015, equity RRJCapital, MTI were associated with IFC reached cooperation; In the same year 12. Consider this case, the enterprise can not in line the following position for a long time, have to invest heavily to your business, to achieve a certain carbon emissions per unit product and even more than this, to a good position in the middle of the future market competition. Wang Zhixuan said to carbon reduction potential for the mining enterprise technical reserves. 2, lotion bottle: the lid, shoulder sleeve, emulsion pump,. For internal equipped with hoses. Outside is yakeli, PP material. The lid is yakeli of ABS. Injection molding in is mainly used to enhance the PET molding. Usually adopts screw injection machine. Screw is typically require hardening treatment, lest abrasion occurs after use for a long time. The length of the injection machine nozzle holes should be as short as possible, its diameter should be controlled at about 3 mm. 3, the injection pressure. Good PET melt flow, easy molding, usually USES the medium pressure, the pressure is 80 ~ 140 mpa, glass fiber reinforced PET injection pressure is 90 ~ 150 mpa. Should consider the determination of injection pressure, viscosity of PET, the amount and type of packing, the location and size of gate, the shape of the plastic parts, mold temperature, injection molding machine type and size, etc.
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