Benxi pet plastic bottle printing process

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Benxi pet plastic bottle printing process 9, bronzing, hot silver, such as processing and printing gold powder, silver powder effect on distinguishing, hard material and smooth surface is suitable to bronzing, hot silver, soft surface decoration effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot stamping silver gloss printing golden silver. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 In 'big pollution, high risk and ecological loss' of the background, will speed up the pace of ecological management in our country, the industry can bring corporate governance and to protect innovation will take more advantage. Relevant institutions under the guidance of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' ecological protection planning, according to the stage of ecological protection in China and the main task of environmental protection, to 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' hot field of industry. But generally if it is a bottle of tablets, should not have much of a problem. The key point is to distinguish whether contain PVC, it's a PET's Achilles' heel. Multiple sampling first, and then spread in sunny places, PVC light blue in the sunshine. If there will be a white crease of folded in half. Above is identified, the accuracy is limited, basically see. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Trillions of it industry volume force, of the billions of big enterprise position up in the air, how much capital to 'offside' market. Look at the local and cross-border environmental fields, crossover and cross-border wars, collision out sparks of how. Crossover 'offside' war on environmental protection new capital rob 'match point' since the konka group announced that the winning 1. 3 billion water treatment after the PPP projects, home appliance and HuanBaoJie has been in a state of 'grilled steak'. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Recently issued by the stationary sources of pollution emission permits classification list ( The 2017 edition) 'In clear, will be in accordance with the extent of industry, industry to promote the progress of the units should be licensed, drainage time limit and the category requirements, tradable permits for stationary sources of fine key industries. 1, the production of plate, sheet, especially for atmospheric governance, more should be 'three years to prepare the implementation of win the blue sky battle battle plan, ensure that play to win. '' resolutely fight the sky defense is the key of the pollution to be completed. 'On air pollution levels, one of the measures is borrowed from the atmosphere of article 10, and puts forward a new countermeasure for the new problem, namely the highlighted four key the key pollution factors, prevention and control of key areas and key industries, key time. 4, blister mold production and time: thickness of 0 B, PS a variety of color. 2mm— 0. 8 mm xue tao ', the second for financial spending in rural areas of governance, as to soil repair field, during the period of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' want to meet a similar water governance that trillions of the size of the market, the possibility is quite low. Lee thinks, according to the report about the content, pollution will be further, DiBiao renovation market in three to five years is expected to rise again. 'Protection of sarft said ChaZhong Koch, director of the ministry of economic affairs. Individual enterprises complain that think 'nuisance' of environmental protection, environmental protection. In fact, is not ring head, but the original strength is weak, the enterprise under the umbrella was used to care, to start the true face difficult problems of environmental protection supervision action, can not adapt to, can't accept. Both will influence the development of public welfare lawsuit system. What are some abroad. Mainly through administrative public interest litigation, pollution behavior is forbidden, the damage caused by the pollution behavior has occurred and the remedy. Instead of at the same time, eased the burden of proof of the plaintiff to prove the defendant's act have great may damage to themselves can, reduce the plaintiff's proof pressure. 3, hand washing pump: diameter is larger, screw. On a big cover and head cap screw can also set a electrochemical aluminum layer of aluminum cover. General steps is thread, no step is around the knob. 5, 6 printing process, because of mold cost-sharing, general requirements for a larger quantity of finished products unit price will lower the economic order quantity.
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