The secret of manufacturer to introduce plastic bottle bottom

by:Lisson     2020-05-21
Every day we are in contact with all kinds of plastic products, now life is more convenient, it has more extensive USES. Because of its widespread use, Internet's comments on 'plastic bottles of cancer'. Recently, some people say that on the Internet, at the bottom of the plastic bottles, marked '1' is the disposable plastic bottles, never again secondary use, can increase the risk of cancer. Also, some say, plastic bottles containing plasticizer is easy to cause cancer. If you noticed, will find that there are the number 1 ~ 7 on plastic. So, the 7 kinds of represent what mean? Really have plastic bottles will cause cancer? What about the plastic, today we say clearly. A sign of triangle + number 'is the plastic industry association to develop the use of plastic types of code. The number 1 ~ 7 and abbreviations mainly refers to the plastic resin types, used by this way of marking can make plastic varieties easy to recognize, the cost of recycling will slash. In 1996, China has made almost the same with the theory of plastic logo standards. Generally at the bottom of the transparent water bottles marked with '1', its texture is mainly PET ( Is polyethylene terephthalate) Generally, this kind of material to heat to about 70 ℃, usually in - use conditions 20 ℃ to 70 ℃. So, at the bottom of the plastic bottles of marked with '1' on behalf of the one-time, its use is safe within 70 ℃. But, this kind of plastic bottle excessive repeated use is not recommended, with one or two just don't use again. Bottom marked '2', its material is HDPE ( High density polyethylene) , usually for holding cleaning supplies, bath products. This kind of material is high temperature resistant, but not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria, is not recommended to recycle. Bottom marked '3', its main materials are PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) 。 This kind of material with high temperature and oil easy to release harmful substances, easy to cause cancer. Bottom marked '4', its material is LDPE ( Low density polyethylene) , usually for cling film, plastic film, etc. The material can appear more than 110 ℃ hot melt phenomenon, packages of food, food oil easily dissolved the pests from the cling film, microwave heating, should remove the plastic wrap. Marked '5' at the bottom, the material is PP ( Polypropylene) Mainly used for microwave oven, 130 ℃ high temperature resistance. Marked '6' at the bottom, the material is PS ( Polystyrene) , mainly for the bowl of noodles boxes, foam snack box. The heat cold, but not into the microwave oven. Marked '7' at the bottom, belong to other classes, more used in the manufacture of bottles, the sky cup, but the existence of bisphenol A controversial. The U. S. food and drug administration ( FDA) Drinking cup in 2012, said the baby bottles and children will ban the use of bisphenol A ( BPA) , 'but this decision is actually reflected due to consumer preferences has been in the implementation, not reaction of bisphenol A in baby bottles security considerations. 'So far, there is no' hard evidence 'of bisphenol A in infants and young children's health. So, the use of plastic bottles should pay attention to write? First, buy plastic products should choose normal manufacturer production product, alert and refused to buy '3 without' product, reduce the safety risk. Second, as long as meet the national standards of plastic products, use is safe under normal conditions, but should according to the heat resistance of different plastic, dressed up in different temperature of drinks. Again, the strength of the threat of plastics on the environment is very big, suggest to use less as far as possible.
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