The outbreak of the status quo of spray bottle wholesale market

by:Lisson     2020-05-21
Spray bottle is common plastic bottle with a nozzle, packaged with extrusion nozzle jet liquid form. Spray bottle packaging market is widely used in recent years, from the pharmaceutical packaging to the cosmetics packaging, etc. , are a large number of start in the form of a spray bottle packaging. First of all, spray evenly spray bottle packaging, can carry on the spray evenly to drugs, cosmetics, this is good for making the most of pharmaceutical or cosmetic effect. Second, spray bottle packing convenient, only squeezing can be convenient to use. Again, a spray bottle through nozzle can conveniently control the dosage of the drug cosmetics. Now, a spray bottle market demand is growing rapidly, a gusher. Mainly, the first outbreak of needs, the outbreak involves a lot of disinfection and hands, which requires a large number of spray bottle packaging. Second, alcohol, disinfectant used products such as unfavorable and overmuch, while using a spray bottle can control gushing quantity. Again, a spray bottle is convenient to carry and use. In general, the market in the current outbreak, spray bottle will usher in a wave of growth
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