The making craft of glass frosting cosmetics bottles and technical difficulties

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Glass frosting cosmetics bottles production process and technical difficulties, from the frosting cosmetics bottle into cosmetic bottle packaging market, it out of line in packing scale operation growth fast, and, as a result of the limitation of frosting is not affected by the glass shape, all kinds of popular style of glass cosmetic bottles can be frosting, is, frosting cosmetics bottle is a sharp rise in demand. Competition continues, we firmly believe that after the frosting cosmetic bottles in the prospect of a cosmetic packaging size will double broader pan bo is bold and unrestrained! In terms of production technology, cosmetics bottles of frosting dominance is very short, just need to clean the glass into 1 - frosting fluid Take out after 3 minutes, refreshes dry can. Frosting solution ratio to zhengzhou henan branch glass crafts co. , LTD. , special cosmetic frosting powder, for example: 10 kg frosting powder in 5 kg a concentration of 36% hydrochloric acid, stir well let stand after 24 hours, to enrich the mix can be operation. Production of also need to face up to the following: 7, frosting powder should be kept in dry drafty place, prevent to be affected with damp be affected with damp. 3 profile, glass products must be cleansed clean, cannot have sundry. 6, if a frosting uneven, secondary frosting after can be cleansed. As l 'oreal, lancome, many domestic well-known cosmetics company's marketing director, ancient Chinese consumers prefer to packaging showily regards cosmetic bottles. And general situation of the glass frosting after extremely small uniform sand particles, the frosting glass sends out a warm and elegant luster like jewels, the bottle mysterious inprove the hazy beauty, exquisite and smooth handle, innocent person visual end the winning new renovation in the flood packing materials. And glass himself the same qualities, not fade, changeless form, for example, useful to prevent the cosmetics bottles and bottles under light shine up chemical reaction, can better guarantee the cosmetic quality. In fast forward at the same time, the product added value to bales clothing product with frosting glass bottle, can guarantee the product always keep up with market growth tide, to maximize meet the demand of consumer tastes. 2, the rubber gloves should be worn when operating, prevent sunburn, skin if bold contact with the skin, should be real-time rinse with clean water. 5, frosting fluid after operation for a period of time, should add frosting powder and hydrochloric acid in real time. With the rapid growth of cosmetic packaging industry, cosmetic bottle market vision is higher and higher request for packing, frosting bottles because of its noble and elegant appearance by flood cosmetic packaging manufacturers and consumers, as the main materials of cosmetic packing market. 1, frosting fluid must be in a plastic container or antiseptic freedom of metal container configuration. 4, frosting fluid stir well before the operation, need not when the deposit.
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