Talk about pet bottle thermal deformation theory is correct, how to reasonably use

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Pet bottle packing in recent years the market share is obvious to all. Compared with other types of plastic bottles, pet bottles to heat, can be in contact with food packaging, so it is widely used in food packaging field. Including bottles, water bottles and other utilization rate is extremely high packing basic is the use of pet bottle packaging. Again compared with glass bottles, pet bottles of lighter weight, transport and not easily broken, and the price costs are lower. Therefore, pet bottle in many areas has become the first choice of packaging type. However, many people use pet bottle there is a lot of problems. Don't think pet bottle heat deformation of them more prevalent. Therefore, in the winter, many people will be without scruple the heating pet bottles. But this leads to a series of problems. First of all, the deformation of pet bottle is after heating, pet bottle packaging should not be excessive heating, heating deformation is wrong. Second, pet bottle will release harmful material after heating, plastic packaging material stability, the industry has always been controversial. Thus, for the sake of food safety is not recommended for heating. For the proper use of pet bottles, we suggest that is not heated, try to get it out of a relatively stable environment. This is the most reasonable.
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