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by:Lisson     2020-11-17
Guangzhou guangzhou cosmetics packaging packaging soft pipe production supply cosmetic packaging products co. , LTD. Is a manufacturing co. , LTD. , in the plastic cosmetics packaging container industry after years of practice, the plastic cosmetics packaging container market is very understanding, cosmetics packaging cosmetics packaging soft pipe and other products specializing in the production processing companies. Guangzhou strong technical force, complete testing equipment, product quality is stable and can meet the needs of different areas of production and life. Welcome to general cosmetics manufacturers to come to the choose and buy. Specification: 30 g to 50 g 30 ml 50 ml 100 ml 120 ml
this kind of cosmetics packaging soft spot, pipe cap order, a specification up to do, cosmetics packaging soft tube lid can spray plating colors according to customer's request, printed logo words, hot stamping silver pressed. The above prices are excluding process. The company production base: guangzhou daily chemical packing products co. , LTD.
after the company has strong production capacity and processing capacity, can according to customer requirements of cosmetics packaging soft pipe, electroplating, spraying, hot stamping, printing, frosting, etc. After processing, make your products more perfect, more competitive in the market, your satisfaction is our long pursuit. Because every client need different quantity, specifications, technical requirements, cannot play online on the appropriate price for a long time to come, guangzhou has been trying to become a professional modern enterprise, adhere to the 'quality assurance' business philosophy, strictly the quality pass, continuously to the cosmetics manufacturers to provide updated packaging cosmetics packaging soft tubes, and enjoy after-sales service. Company has complete sets of equipments of cosmetics packaging cosmetics packaging soft pipe, ensure the product quality and customer's interests, to meet the demand of various industries. Production of the product quality in the same industry in guangzhou, the price is reasonable, timely supply, the user will be in 7 - after place the order A timely delivery within 15 workdays. Strict quality management and monitoring, reasonable market price, fast delivery time, good after-sales service and high sense of responsibility and good reputation to win the trust of the cosmetics manufacturer. Guangzhou is a professional sales have cosmetic packaging cosmetics packaging hose subsidiary of packaging purposes, services across the country and other regions, with many years of experience, with good service and reliable products to win customers. Years of growth, the company has accumulated rich experience, and formed the industry professional sales service system, providing customers with excellent cosmetic packaging cosmetics packaging soft tube and the service, all-round to meet customer requirements. Advanced technical support, export quality level. Guangzhou daily chemical packing products co. , LTD. As a cosmetics manufacturers to provide a cosmetic packaging and cosmetics packaging soft pipe company, for a long time, according to the market demand and the demand of cosmetics factory continuously improve the quality of company management and service, make the company in the field of plastic cosmetic packaging packaging container has become something of an industry enterprises, clear market positioning and improving. Guangzhou sincerely welcome all friends to contact us to discuss business cooperation, the company address: DaLang DaLang ishii town village industrial zone to inquire the guangzhou daily chemical packing products co. , LTD. , the product/service, give your soft pipe is not only a professional customized cosmetics cosmetics packaging, guangzhou cosmetics cosmetics packaging soft pipe, specializing in the production of cosmetics packaging hose drops information
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