Plastic bottles constantly breakthroughs in the field of cosmetics packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Ccid consulting research data shows that the plastic with reasonable price and the quality of the lighter won the competitive position of cosmetics packaging materials, cosmetic plastic packaging has occupied more than 72% of market share and become the main packaging materials. Glass, give a person a kind of noble outside perception, due to its inherent characteristics, such as bright transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy shaping, use a metal ion colouring agent can be made into a variety of color, glass is mainly used in high-end cosmetics packaging, packaging and perfume in the cosmetics packaging market share of nearly 20%. Metal packaging market share is gradually decline, the market share of nearly 5%. Cosmetic plastic packaging: plastic strength, light quality, and not easily broken, etc in the competition, not only that, a wide variety of plastic packaging design can be realized in a very short period of time and implement in production. On the other hand, nowadays the cosmetics market is very competitive, finalized in the design of the packaging is often in the final seconds to promote products, to ensure that the products always keep up with the trend of the development of the market and consumers' taste requirements. PET bottles, cans of the main application areas concentrated in the skin care products, bath dew and cosmetics. Cosmetics packaging: glass materials are attractive, is due to the characteristics of the its transparent and pure, and graphics separate, comply with environmental requirements. Unisex cosmetics can use glass packaging, is concise and lively. Market development is too fast, however, develop a new glass bottle packaging cycle is relatively long, time and cost consumption is too big, therefore, significantly lower competitive advantage. Glass packaging industry in the slow growth of the cosmetics market in recent years, the causes of its growing more slowly than is competition from other materials and slow global economic growth. Although the glass bottle manufacturing have made some progress in lightweight, but due to the price of raw materials and production are relatively high energy consumption, the benefit of the production enterprises is generally low, relatively restricted the research and development of new technology. In fact, due to the intrinsic defects of glass bottles ( Such as than major, fragile, etc. ) For general cosmetics, if use plastic material or composite packaging instead of glass containers, plastic containers or composite containers are often adopted to packaging. Can be expected, with the rapid development of plastic packaging, plastic packaging market will continue to remain strong in the future. Plastic packaging container of transparency, nano materials, antibacterial, green environmental protection is the development trend of the future.
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