PETG spray bottle nozzle cosmetic packaging bottle imported from Japan

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Supporting material: the bottle PETG capacity: 200 ml: transparent spray bottle with primary scope of application: excellent lotion toner PETG round bottle + PP spray pump characteristic origin effect for repackaging lotion skin care products, such as travel convenient and practical. This product adopts high quality PETG materials refined but become, no smell, no harmful material such as plasticizer, can be at ease use. Using the method used for the first time after please try clean with clear water and spray, loading use toner, press out fine spray nozzle. ( Effect of different water spray is slightly different, detailed please refer to note) Note 1, this product only can be used for the quality of a material is relatively light toner. Too thick or of toner particles ( Flowers) It is prohibited to use. Due to different brand toner composition, viscosity, and presence of particulate matter such as is not the same, will lead to spray effect difference, part of the toner can only spit out straight line, or even plug nozzle. Dear friends, please identify whether can use on its own. For example, refreshing and moisturizing toner can use this product, do not use high moisturizing toner. Details please consult customer service. 2, the temperature for this product tolerance - 20 - 60 ℃, it is prohibited to use hot water washing. 3, please do not dress up food or drink. Do not load the oil, in addition to the light liquid, essential oil, perfume, high content of acid and alcohol liquid, so as not to cause the material degradation. 4, content is placed for a long period of time will cause deterioration or container dyeing, please pay special attention to. 5, after partial shipments to the container to use as soon as possible, please do not put no more than half a year. 6, PETG products placed for a long time easy touch ash, when cleaning the available water or alcohol disinfection, be sure to keep in mind, not with boiling hot water to clean
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