Pet plastic bottle and PVC plastic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Here we talk about pet plastic bottle and PVC plastic bottle is transparent, if the pet plastic bottle and PVC plastic bottles. Press forming method: PET plastic bottle molding is divided into two steps, first namely injection molding and blow molding. So each PET plastic bottle bottom has a mouth, take a look at to know. Is to use PVC plastic blow molding, injection molding is required to make, so there is no mouth. So pick up a bottle have note mouth is PET plastic bottles, no PVC plastic bottles. If mass production, the total bottle steam steaming, after high temperature steam will become opaque, PVC plastic PET bottles or transparent, sorting up both recognisable and save trouble, and after steamed label tape will automatically come unglued, with handle gently tear is removed. Bottle is bad to recognize, can only use boiling water or steam steaming, boiling water or steam steamed PVC material into opaque, PET material is transparent, dropped the opaque choose PET is pure.
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