Domestic cosmetics packaging market characteristics

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
1, the relationship between Chinese influence international market of packaging material procurement procurement market decision, especially for the European and American customers, is a standardized in quality and price, service driven professional market behavior. And our domestic market is a have Chinese characteristics, what is the Chinese characteristic, said that Jane, in short, he is mutual relationship, quality, price driven market procurement operation mode. Someone said that the price is the key, he's probably right, the price is any area of the customer value, but no relationship, for ticket, again good cost performance, is also afraid of deep alley wine. Many brand owners oral said relationship is not important, price is important, if you really really out. The domestic a line brand development, big relations, second - and third-tier brand customers speak little relationship, wechat business electricity bit micro relationship, don't understand, a bit difficult to play the domestic market. 2, big brand product value, small customer packaging material price as domestic brands pay more and more attention to the supply chain coordination to assist the brand growth, make packaging materials, raw materials, OEM, distributors with brands, to create Shared brand value for the development of community, to achieve coexistence and co-prosperity with brands, this kind of collaborative pattern will be gradually mature, therefore, matching are the key for shortlisted for the supply chain the threshold value. And domestic lower-tier brand, your production speed, operation innovation will be the main tone, because of its weak in brand influence, causes the can only rely on price for market occupation and race, so require upstream of the packaging material, as far as possible can lower the price, fast delivery ability, thus help to develop the market. 3, high quality, low cost of packaging material is brand generality demand for domestic customers, mostly hope packaging factory can supply quality international brands of the same type of material, domestic vendor packaging material price, service for them. Therefore, in business negotiations, bargaining, interacting, and other issues are followed, because the two sides in the asymmetry of information and professional knowledge, often cause is material of valuable, value and prices were mixed as an altar, at the same time due to the lack of domestic packaging material quality control standard of each category is leading companies have their own a set of standard quality parameters, in the process of packaging material contract execution, package material quality control testing standard is necessary need to communicate well in advance, otherwise later can only grinding guns with each other. 4, brand development cycle is short, quick delivery is the core ability of the domestic market, because the brand market competition, how to quickly grab the end user, time became the core elements of the decision market, so as to shorten product development cycle, the upper reaches of the packaging enterprises, the request is to first yi yi elements, the time of delivery for supplier selection and fast delivery capabilities, has become one of the core competitiveness of supplier, whether you are effective inventory control, or through a fine mingling of manufacturing and organization plan. It is the leading cause of why the domestic trade dealer market prosperity, the essence of the rise of the male. 5, domestic brands account period is long common features in domestic marketing, due to the diversity of market channels, channel strength, brands itself are due to the weak group, therefore distributors collection and just had knot of upstream packaging suppliers. Short account period developed into the industry, is in January, is three to four months long, if can meet the real-time model of the customer, or the main payment before delivery, can only explain your packaging are very strong in the competitiveness of the enterprise itself. 6, poor domestic buyers loyalty, especially small and medium-sized brands influence domestic brands in supplier there are many reasons, one is the internal relationship between rotational or duty, every new procurement has its own supply chain team. Second, leader of the intervention, the human society is in China, to you one or two trusted supplier is very normal. At home, and supply between husbands with very few, therefore, real-time dynamic understanding of target customers, make the enterprise itself.
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