The perfect molding production of PET plastic bottle embryo

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Due to rising global demand for PET plastic bottles, used in the manufacture of PET plastic bottle preform is also become the focus of attention. In order to ensure the perfect molding of PET bottle embryo, many problems need to pay attention to, and from the temperature to the raw materials, each link needs to be strictly controlled. PET is a hygroscopic material. If the water content is too high, the hydrolysis will occur under high temperature treatment, and PET molecular chain will break and thermal decomposition to produce acetaldehyde. Physical and mechanical performance and reduce the rate of crystallization. Speed up, when injection bottle embryo, embryo bottle to become part of the crystal and white, it will affect the quality of the products. In advance before the injection, PET pellet drying to the moisture content must be 0. 06% or less, it can produce good non-crystalline transparent bottle embryo. After embryo bottle mold dryer desiccant, the use of high temperature air to dry the PET particle circulation in the hopper. For dry air, dew point temperature must be in - 30 ° C to - Between 40 ° C. To set the temperature between 180 ℃ to 185 ℃, and dry for 240 minutes. In the first step, the first to advance to von berg systeme of injection molding production, which is by placing the melting glue injection mold cavity, and then advance von berg systeme rapid cooling below the temperature of crystallization temperature and form, thus forming a transparent von berg systeme. The second step is to preforming embryo heated to a temperature higher than the temperature of glass transition point, and then extends, to blow molding and cooling molding. Processing methods: divided into one stage and two stages. A stage is done in the same machine injection and blow molding, and then will be preformed preforming embryo cooled to below the temperature of crystallization temperature, but still keep the thermoelastic state, the final blow in the bottle. Two-phase type by injection molding machine and blow molding machines the two machines. First of all, made the unit-cells by injection molding machine, will advance as cooling solidification temperature, remove and cool to room temperature. Bottle blowing, she sent them to the blow molding machines to heat the preforming embryo to blow molding temperature, then blow molding. Cold forming. PET bottle embryo molding injection molding process conditions in addition to the extrusion molding process, most are made of injection molded bottle embryo.
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