Plastic hose is excellent at six

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
Curing agent hose excellent wear-resisting performance: its Taber abrasion value is 0. 35 - 0. The youngest of 5 mg, is plastic. Add lubricant to reduce friction, thus further improve the wear-resisting degree; 4, the tensile strength and tensile ratio: the tensile strength of the TPU is 2 - natural rubber and synthetic rubber Three times, polyester type of TPU 60 mpa tensile strength, elongation is 410%, the tensile strength of the polyurethane TPU is 50 mpa, elongation is 550%; 5, hardness range: the hardness of TPU is a - 10 Under 15 a, 80 d, have similar compression deformation characteristics. In 85 a above remain elastic hardness, it was no other elastomer properties, so the TPU with high load support capability and good absorption effect; 6, food, medical and health care: TPU with biological compatibility and blood, medical TPU application more and more widely. Such as blood transfusion tube, ureter, iv. TPU excluding enhancer, avirulent insipidity, widely used in food industry;
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